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Biff U. Blumfumgagnge (born January 17, 1964 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American musician,[1] guitar technician, sound engineer, record producer and instructor of music and recording technology at the Madison Media Institute.[2]

Toured and recorded with[edit]

Pat MacDonald, Willy Porter (Feb. 1990–present), King Crimson (Aug 2008), Sigtryggur Baldursson (drummer of the Sugarcubes, 1993–1997), Eugene Chadbourne, Reptile Palace Orchestra, The Gomers,[3] Natty Nation,[4] Bradley Fish, The Kissers, Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, Zombeatles

Performed with[edit]

Les Paul,[5][6] & Steve Miller[disambiguation needed] (Nov. 2005),[7] Adrian Belew (March 1992–present), Eugene Chadbourne (February 2004–present), Lee "Scratch" Perry (August 25, 2008), Reptile Palace Orchestra (April 1994–present), The Gomers (Dec. 1986–present),[8] Natty Nation (February 1993–present), Jambeau (May 2001–present), Bradley Fish (Jan. 1996-Sep. 1997), John Kruth (April 2003-Nov.2005), Joan Wildman (February 1991), Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown's "funky drummer", March 1991-April 2007), Killbilly (April 1994), The Appliances-SFB (Dec. 1997), Jimmy Carl Black (Oct. 2007), Stuart Stotts (September 2002-August 2007) and Project/Object with Napoleon Murphy Brock (October 23, 2007), Lee "Scratch" Perry (August 25, 2008), Yid Vicious (2005–Present)


Adrian Belew – Side Four live [9] Pat MacDonald PM does DM – Strange Love[10] Willy Porter: Dog Eared Dream (1992), High Wire Live (2002), Falling Forward[11] Eugene Chadbourne "Doc Chad Banjo Book"[12] Sigtryggur Baldursson: Bogomil Font Sings Kurt Weill (1994) Bradley Fish: The Aquarium Conspiracy (1996)[13] Headpump: (1997), David Stocker, Moondog (1997)[14] Marquess Bovre & The Evil Twins – Lonesome County (1999)[15] Genevieve Gereb "Cool Bananas" "Alligator" and "Jumpin' Jelly Beans",[16] The Gomers (1986–present) Jim James & The Damn Shames (2002), My Nightclub Act "Highway Gothic" (2008, violin),John Kruth: Live at Witz End (2003)[17] The Gomers: Comin' Atchya, Sofa King Good, Salt and Sugar, Mike Zirkel (1989 – present), Reptile Palace Orchestra: Early Reptile, On the Wings of a Skink, XOPO!, Iguana iguana, HWY X, We Know You Know, Official Bootleg[16] Sara Pace "Sara Pace"[16] Dorothy Heralds "Inverno Rosa"[18] Ivan Klipstein "Scorpio Enviro"[19] Michael Gruber "Yesterday Is Make Believe"[20] Dangerous Odds (1996–2003)[21] Arthur Durkee "The Western Lands,"[22] My Nightclub Act (2008), Ritt Dietz "Collected" and "After the Mountains,"[23] Cattle Prod: Boost (1993, guitar, vocals), Poopshovel: We Came, We Saw, We Had A Hot Dog (1994, vocals), Dafino (2006, violin), Cathy Braaten "Ride the Fader" (1991), Jim James & The Damn Shames (2003), Fuzzy Logic (1997–present),[24] Tom Hanson (2004, 2007, violin, mandolin, Melobar, synth), Doctor Demento Shows #89-35, #90-12, #02-16, #02-10[25] Zombeatles, "Hard Day's Night Of The Living Dead, ",[26][27] and Art Paul Schlosser,[28] Die Warzau "Convenience" (2004),[29] Deep "Mobile" (1997),[30] Everplastic "Aquagirl" (1998) [31]

MAMA (Madison Area Music) Awards[edit]

Awarded Best Instrumentalist in 2005 [32]

MAMA Award
Year Category Title Result
2005 Instrumentalist – strings Best Instrumentalist Winner

WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Awards[edit]

Awarded Best Instrumentalist in 1998 [33]

WAMI Award
Year Category Title Result
1998 Instrumentalist – strings Best Instrumentalist Winner

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