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Big Brother
Niki Kunchev 2004-2013
Kamelia 2009
Aleksandra Sarchadjieva 2012-2013

Big Brother is a reality show based on the Big Brother series by Endemol. The show originates from the Netherlands, where in 1999 the very first season was aired.

At present, the format is spread in a number of countries around the world. A group of people (called the Housemates) live together in an isolated house. 24 hours a day their life is recorded by hidden cameras in all the rooms in the House. They don't have TV, Internet, newspapers, even watches on their hands. The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world. Every week, each one of them must enter the Diary room and nominate 2 of the other people for public eviction. The 2 or more housemates with most negative votes become nominated. For almost a week the TV viewers have to decide which of them to be evicted, voting via SMS or phone calls. Every week the Housemates have a week task. Depending on whether they do their task successfully or unsuccessfully, their week budget is increased or decreased. During the final week, the viewers vote which one of the remaining people in the House to be the winner. He or she wins a big cash prize.

The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1948 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopia in which Big Brother is the all-seeing, omnipotent leader of Oceania.

In Bulgaria, the first season of Big Brother was aired in 2004 on Nova Television, and quickly became one of the most successful TV formats in the country. Niki Kunchev was the main presenter in all editions, except for Big Brother 4, where he was replaced by Milen Tsvetkov. Evelina Pavlova was a co-host in the period 2004-2006. Five main and three celebrity seasons have been produced so far. However, due to the lower ratings in the fifth season, there are no plans for future editions. Between 2004 and 2008 the show was a co-production between Nova Television and SIA Advertising, and with Old School Productions in 2009-2010.

Season details[edit]

Big Brother format[edit]

Season Launch date Final date Days Housemates Winner
Big Brother 1 18 October 2004 17 January 2005 92 15 Zdravko
Big Brother 2 19 September 2005 19 December 2005 92 19 Miroslav
Big Brother 3 18 September 2006 11 December 2006 85 18 Lyubov
Big Brother 4 22 September 2008 14 December 2008 84 26 Georgi
Big Brother 5 (Big Brother Family) 22 March 2010 10 June 2010 81 15 families Eli and Veselin Kuzmovi

VIP Brother format[edit]

Season Launch date Final date Days Housemates Winner
VIP Brother 1 13 March 2006 10 April 2006 29 12 Konstantin
VIP Brother 2 26 March 2007 27 April 2007 33 13 Hristina
VIP Brother 3 16 March 2009 10 May 2009 56 17 Deyan
VIP Brother 4 16 September 2012 17 November 2012 63 16 Orlin
VIP Brother 5 15 September 2013 17 November 2013 64 17 Stanka

Big Brother All Stars format[edit]

Season Launch date Final date Days Housemates Winner
Big Brother All Stars 1 19 November 2012 17 December 2012 29 11 Nikola
Big Brother All Stars 2 18 November 2013 16 December 2013 29 12 Zlatka

Main seasons[edit]

Niki Kunchev hosted all main seasons, except for the forth, and all three celebrity seasons. Evelina Pavlova was a co-host during the first two Big Brother seasons, and the first VIP Brother. The host of Big Brother 4 was Milen Tsvetkov.

Big Brother 1[edit]

Big Brother was the first reality show in Bulgaria. Its first season started on 18 October 2004 and ended on 17 January 2005. The winner was Zdravko Vasilev, who won 200 000 leva. Big Brother Bulgaria was aired on Nova Television. The hosts of Big Brother 1 were Niki Kunchev and Evelina Pavlova.

A 24-hour cable channel was created to show live image from the house. Its original name was Big Brother Live, but it was renamed Nova + when it showed Star Academy Bulgaria later in the season. Initially, it was only available from the CableTel operator, but later it appeared on other cable providers.

In the first season, the Housemates were originally 12. Later, 3 new Housemates entered the House. Here are all the participants:

  • Zdravko Vasilev (27) - Winner on Day 92
  • Svetlozara Trendafilova (19) - Runner-up on Day 92
  • Viktor Jechkov (27) - 3rd place on Day 92
  • Alidjan Aliev (31) - 8th evicted on Day 85
  • Zeyneb Madjurova (19) - 7th evicted on Day 78 (She entered on Day 50)
  • Tihomir Georgiev (31) - 6th evicted on Day 71 (He entered on Day 18)
  • Veneta Mileva-Ilieva (36) - Left the house on Day 58 (She entered on Day 50)
  • Mariela Kiselkova (23) - 5th evicted on Day 57
  • Svetlan "Groshi" Shevrov (32) - Expelled by Big Brother on Day 48
  • Nayden Naydenov (24) - Expelled by Big Brother on Day 48
  • Stoyka Stefanova (25) - 4th evicted on Day 43
  • Margarita Grigorova (38) - 3rd evicted on Day 36
  • Silvia-Aleksandra Docheva (25) - 2nd evicted on Day 29
  • Anelia Ivanova (31) - 1st evicted on Day 22
  • Dimitar Kazalov (40) - Left the house on Day 17

Big Brother 2[edit]

Big Brother 2 started on 19 September 2005 and ended on 19 December 2005. The hosts of the show were Niki Kunchev and Evelina Pavlova. The winner was Miroslav Atanasov. He won 200 000 levas (100 000 Euros).

The second season of Big Brother in Bulgaria was full of secret tasks and surprises, which started from the first day. Entering the House, the new participants were very surprised - it was empty. The walls were unpainted, there was no furniture. The same night, each one of the Housemates was asked to enter the Diary room and nominate one of the other people not to receive his luggage during the whole stay in the House. Then, before the end of the LIVE show, it was announced that two of the housemates were married - Elena (evicted later with 86%) and Miroslav (the winner). The Nova + 24-hour channel was available once again, but this time on more cable providers.

Originally, the housemates were 15. Later, the House entered 4 new housemates. Here are all the participants:

  • Miroslav Atanasov (25) - Winner on Day 92
  • Leonardo Bianchi (31) - Runner-up on Day 92 (He entered on Day 51)
  • Stefan "Bat Sali" Kemalov (28) - 3rd place on Day 92
  • Zvezdelin "Vego" Minchev (40) - 4th place on Day 92
  • Ivan Naydenov (35) - 13th evicted on Day 89
  • Irena Vasileva (39) - 12th evicted on Day 87
  • Daniela Dimitrova (24) - 11th evicted on Day 85 (She entered on Day 51)
  • Elena Romele (39) - 10th evicted on Day 78 (She entered on Day 8)
  • Maya Yotsova (19) - 9th evicted on Day 71 (She entered on Day 51)
  • Marian Zahariev (28) - 8th evicted on Day 64
  • Radomira Kosadjieva (18) - 7th evicted on Day 57
  • Miglena Kamenova (29) - 6th evicted on Day 50
  • Plamena Nikolaeva (21) - 5th evicted on Day 43
  • Elena Georgieva (23) - 4th evicted on Day 37 (Left on Day 38)
  • Silvia Dragoeva (23) - 3rd evicted on Day 29
  • Nedyalko Lazarov (31) - 2nd evicted on Day 22
  • Petko Vasilev (27) - 1st evicted on Day 15
  • Radoslav Stoyanov (21) - Left the House on Day 8
  • Silva Bratanova (20) - Left the House on Day 8

Big Brother 3[edit]

Started 18 September, 20:00 EET and ended on 11 December 2006. This season, only Niki Kunchev was hosting the show.

There was also a live talk show 4 (previously 3) times a week - Big Brother's Big Mouth (also seen in UK), hosted by Dim Dukov - a participant from VIP Brother 1.

Originally, the housemates were 16. On the first night, it was announced that a secret housemate was living in a secret room. It turned to be Vyara's twin-sister - Nadejda. Every day they had to replace themselves, without any other person's notice. Later, it was announced that there is a second secret housemate living in a second secret room. It was Vyara and Nadejda's third twin-sister Lyubov (their names come from the popular Bulgarian expression "Вяра, надежда и любов" , or "Faith, hope and love"). The prize (200 000 leva in BB1 and BB2) was increased to 500 000 leva. However, if any of the housemates broke one of the house rules (even if he/she forgot to put on his/her microphone) the prize would be decreased by 5000 leva. So, the prize dropped to 200 000 leva, just like in the first two seasons. Plamen, who left the House voluntarily gave back the 5 000 leva, which he took the first time he wanted to leave. The money were added to the big prize. However, during the new week task "Prison Break", the housemates had the chance to increase their money-prize with 100 000 leva and with another 140 000 later. The BBB (Bulgarian Big Brother) revealed the triplets - Vyara, Nadejda and Lyubov оn the eighth day.

On the first nominations, the difference was that the two people with most negative votes were directly evicted. These were Mariola and Panayot. In the Big Brother Live Studio, they were given a secret task - to return in the secret rooms in the house and stay there for a week. They had to take clothes and food from the House without anyone's notice. If the task was successful, they would go back to the house. In the beginning both of them agreed to return, but later Mariola decided to leave the show, so now only Panayot is a secret housemate.

The house had much more rooms, but its square surface was the same. There were several bathrooms. Four days before the official start of the show the 16 reserves entered to test the house. They lived there till 17 September, 20:00 h when they left it. Their stay has not been aired. However, none of them entered the House later. The real Housemates entered the House on 18 September, 20:00 EET when the show officially started. They weren't told that the House had been inhabited four days ago.

The Nova + live channel was officially available from the following providers:

  • Eurocom Cable
  • Dobrudja Cable
  • SCAT

Originally, the housemates were 16. Later, the House entered two new housemates - Vyara's sisters. Here are all the participants:

  • Lyubov Stancheva (21) - Winner on Day 85
  • Violeta Kondova (57) - Runner-up on Day 85
  • Lilyana Angelova (25) - 4th place on Day 85
  • Paloma Santana (18) - 4th place on Day 85
  • Boyan Angelov (23) - 5th place on Day 85
  • Todor Karagyozov (34) - 10th evicted on Day 80
  • Vyara Stancheva (21) - 9th evicted on Day 78
  • Pavel Takov (24) - 8th evicted on Day 71
  • Nadejda Stancheva (21) - evicted on Day 64
  • Penyo Daskalov (20) - evicted on Day 64
  • Svetlana Stoycheva (29) - 5th evicted on Day 57
  • Borislav Borisov (25) - 4th evicted on Day 50
  • Eva Miteva (29) - Left the house voluntarily on Day 47
  • Garo Papazyan (37) - 3rd evicted on Day 43
  • Diyana Nikolova (21) - 2nd evicted on Day 37
  • Panayot Kyuchukov (23) - 1st evicted on Day 29
  • Mariola Indjova (26) - Left the house voluntarily on Day 16
  • Plamen Varbanov (44) - Left the house voluntarily on Day 8

Big Brother 4[edit]

Big Brother Family[edit]

The fifth season of Big Brother in Bulgaria is expected to air in March 2010. It will be a special family edition.

VIP seasons[edit]

VIP Brother 1[edit]

VIP Brother is the name of the Bulgarian version of the Big Brother's spin-off Big Brother VIP. In it, the Housemates are only famous people. The show follows the main Big Brother rules, but with some changes. For example, in VIP Brother the show's duration is shorter - a month (29 days - like in most of the countries it is aired in). The nominations and evictions are twice a week. VIP Brother Bulgaria started its first season on 13 March 2006 and ended on 10 April 2006. The hosts were Niki Kunchev and Evelina Pavlova.

The winner of VIP Brother 1 was the pop-folk singer Konstantin, who was chosen by 78% of the audience. He won 50 000 leva. Here are all the VIP Housemates from the first season:

    • Konstantin (29 - pop-folk singer) – Winner on Day 29
    • Violeta Zdravkova (29 - Miss Bulgaria' 99. She entered and lived in the House with her 3-year-old daughter Danaya.) – Runner-up on Day 29
    • Dicho (32 - pop-singer) - 3rd place on Day 29
    • Mityo "The Gun" (50 - a candidate for President of Bulgaria) - 4th place on Day 29
    • Dim Dukov (41 - businessman) - 5th place on Day 29
    • Kiril Valchev (35 - businessman) - 6th place on Day 29
    • LiLana (20 - pop-singer) – 2nd evicted on Day 27
    • Galya Kurdova – (27 - a singer from the pop-duet "KariZma") – Left the House voluntarily on Day 19
    • Lyubomir Milchev "Dandy" (43 - a Bulgarian writer) - Left the House voluntarily on Day 19
    • Rayna (24 - pop-folk singer) – 1st evicted on Day 15
    • Galya Litova (26 - a Bulgarian model) – Left the House voluntarily on Day 10
    • Vesela Neynska (an opera singer) - Left the House voluntarily on Day 8

VIP Brother 2[edit]

The second season of the show started on 26 March, 20.00 h. This year the show lasted for 33 days because of the high ratings and its final was on 27 April, 20.00 h. The rules were not followed so strictly as in Big Brother 3. Niki Kunchev was hosting the show again. The big prize was 100 000 leva.

Surprisingly, the winner was Hristina - the only non-VIP Housemate in the House. Her husband - Zdravko won the first Big Brother season two years ago.

The Housemates[edit]

12 Housemates entered the House on Day 1. Before entering, BB1's winner Zdravko proposed to his girlfriend Hristina. On Day 5, she accepted and entered the House with their daughter Yanica. Yanica was the third child to live in the House after Danaya from VIPB1 and the baby Amber from BB3.

Here are all the Housemates:

    • Hristina (29 - Zdravko's wife) - Winner on Day 33 (She entered the House on Day 5)
    • Desi Slava (28 - pop-fok singer) - Runner-up on Day 33
    • Niki "Kitaeca" (22 - Azis's husband) - 3rd place on Day 33
    • Katerina Evro (50 - actress) - 4th place on Day 33
    • Tihomir (33 - BB1 housemate and Veneta Raykova's husband) - 5th place on Day 33
    • Magi Jelyazkova (33 - Mrs Bulgaria' 2003) - 6th place on Day 33
    • Kalin Velyov (33 - musician) - 5th evicted on Day 29
    • Zdravko (29 - BB1 winner) - 4th evicted on Day 26
    • Veneta Raykova (32 - TV host) - 3rd evicted on Day 22
    • Azis (29 - pop-folk singer) - Left the House voluntarily on Day 19
    • Rositsa Noveva (27 - hotel-keeper) - 2nd evicted on Day 15
    • Petya Pavlova (singer, writer, actress) - 1st evicted on Day 12
    • Veselin Danov (53 - politician) - Left the House voluntarily on Day 8

VIP Brother 3[edit]

VIP Brother 4[edit]

VIP Brother 5[edit]

All Stars seasons[edit]

Big Brother All Stars 2012[edit]

Big Brother All Stars 2013[edit]

Big Brother: The Housemates Strike Back[edit]

On 7 June, Big Brother brought together Housemates from all Big Brother and VIP Brother seasons and gave them their last task - to destroy the House. Here are the Housemates, who participated in the special edition of the show:

From Big Brother 1:

    • Zdravko (he won BB1 and also participated in VIPB2)
    • Zeyneb
    • Mariela "Mell"
    • Nayden
    • Stoyka
    • Tihomir (he also participated in VIPB2)
    • Veneta

From Big Brother 2:

    • Elena
    • Zvezdelin "Vego"
    • Ivan
    • Miroslav (the winner of BB2)
    • Nedyalko
    • Silvia
    • Stefan "Bat Sali"
    • Leonardo

Bat Sali and Leonardo made a performance as a part of the concert in the House by some of the singer stars from VIP Brother.

From VIP Brother 1:

    • Dim Dukov
    • Konstantin (the winner of VIPB1)
    • Mityo "The Gun"
    • Rayna

Raina and Konstantin also made a performance. Dim Dukov also sang with Konstantin.

From Big Brother 3:

    • Panayot
    • Garo
    • Eva
    • Borislav
    • Svetlana
    • Penyo
    • The triplets Vyara, Nadejda and Lyubov (the winner of BB3)
    • Lilyana
    • Violeta

Penyo participated in the concert.

From VIP Brother 2:

    • DesiSlava
    • Zdravko (also the winner of BB1)
    • Kalin Velyov
    • Magi Jelyazkova
    • Petya Pavlova
    • Tihomir (he and Zdravko entered with the other BB1 Housemates)
    • Hristina (the winner of VIPB2. She is also Zdravko's wife, who won BB1 and also participated in VIPB2.)

DesiSlava and Petya Pavlova participated in the concert. Kalin Velyov sang with his friend Nina Nikolina.


  • General
  • 2004-2005, January /Big Brother 1/
    • First set of nominees: Anelia and Dimitar - Big Brother 1
    • First contestant to be evicted: Anelia Ivanova – Big Brother 1
    • First contestant to voluntarily leave: Dimitar Kazalov – Big Brother 1
    • First replacement housemate: Tihomir Georgiev – Big Brother 1
    • First Big Brother Winner: Zdravko Vassilev /200 000 leva/
    • First contestants to be expelled by Big Brother: Nayden Naydenov and Svetlan Shevrov “Groshi” – Big Brother 1
    • First sex in the House: Tihomir Georgiev and Mariela Kiselkova - Big Brother 1
    • First lesbian sex: Mariela Kiselkova and Svetlozara Trendafilova - Big Brother 1
    • Longest time spent in the house without being nominated: 70 days, Svetlozara Trendafilova - Big Brother 1
    • First housemate not to be nominated during the whole season: Viktor - Big Brother 1
  • 2005 /Big Brother 2/
    • First "evil" Big Brother
    • First Big Brother with a couple competing: Elena and Miroslav – Big Brother 2
    • First contestant to be voted into the house by the public: Elena Romele - Big Brother 2
    • First foreigner housemate: Leonardo Bianchi (from Italy) – Big Brother 2
    • Longest time spent in the house by a replacement housemate: Elena Romele - 70 days, Big Brother 2
  • 2006 /VIP Brother 1/
    • First set of nominees: Rayna, Mityo Pishtova and Vesela Neynska
    • First VIP housemate to be evicted: Raina – VIP Brother 1
    • First VIP housemate to voluntarily leave: Vesela Neynska – VIP Brother 1
    • First VIP Brother Winner: Konstantin /50 000 levas/
    • First child to enter and live in the House: Danaya (3 years old) - VIP Brother 1
    • First blood related housemates: Violeta and Danaya, mother and daughter, VIP Brother 1
    • Least housemates to be evicted: 2, VIP Brother 1
    • First Big Brother with secret inquisition: VIP Brother 1
  • 2006 /Big Brother 3/
  • 2007 /VIP Brother 2/
    • First housemates to compete in two Big Brother seasons: Zdravko and Tihomir, previously from Big Brother 1
    • First TV show shot in the House during Big Brother: Hot with host Veneta Raykova (one of the Housemates), VIP Brother 2
    • First family in the House: Zdravko, Hristina and Yanitsa, VIP Brother 2
    • First wedding in the House: Zdravko and Hristina, VIP Brother 2
    • First non-VIP on VIP Brother: Hristina, VIP Brother 2
    • First nominations when the Housemates can nominate themselves positively: the 1st nominations, VIP Brother 2
    • First nominations when the Housemates had to nominate three people: the 2nd nominations, VIP Brother 2
    • First non-VIP to win VIP Brother: Hristina, VIP Brother 2
    • First intruder to win: Hristina, VIP Brother 2
  • 2008 /Big Brother 4/
    • First season to be shot in the new House
    • First season without Niki Kunchev as a host
  • 2009 /VIP Brother 3/
    • The longest VIP season of the show in Bulgaria - 56 Days.

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