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Big Brother
Season 2 (2001)

Big Brother 2 was the second season of the American reality television series Big Brother. It is based upon the Netherlands series of the same name, which gained notoriety in 1999 and 2000. The series premiered on CBS on July 5, 2001 and lasted for a total of 82 days. The series concluded on September 20, 2001 when Will Kirby was crowned the Winner, and Nicole Nilson Schaffrich the Runner-Up. The premise of the series drastically differed from the previous installment of the series. The series revolved around twelve strangers living in a house together with no communication with the outside world. They were constantly filmed during their time in the house, and were not permitted to communicate with those filming them. One HouseGuest, known as the Head of Household, had the task of nominating two of their fellow HouseGuests for eviction. The HouseGuests then voted to evict one of the nominees, with the HouseGuest who received the most votes being evicted from the house. When only two HouseGuests remained, the previously evicted HouseGuests would decide which of them would win the prize.


Julie Chen (left) returned to host the series.

Despite the negative critical response to the first season,[1][2] rumors began circulating in September 2000 that the series would be renewed and would give CBS more creative control over the project.[3] That same month, it was confirmed that there would be a second season, and that casting would begin.[4][5] Paul Romer, who was heavily involved in the first season, stated that the show had poor ratings as the critics "didn't get it."[6] With the confirmation of a second season, it was revealed that the series would undergo serious changes before the premiere. Before work on the season began, numerous changes were made in terms of the production team.[7] CBS later stated they hoped to get Arnold Shapiro to produce the series,[8] and were eventually successful in doing so.[9][10] On the decision to let Shapiro make numerous changes to the series, CBS Entertainment President Nancy Tellem stated, "From an economic standpoint, [Big Brother] was an economic success. Creatively, we saw the potential. It was worth bringing back, but obviously there are things that needed to be changed. Arnold came in with such wonderful ideas. He had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the series."[11] Allison Grodner was yet another addition to the series this year, who was hired as the co-executive producer.[12] In yet another change to the series, Dr. Drew Pinsky and AOL Online Advisor Regina Lewis did not return to the series.[13] It was confirmed in May that Julie Chen would return to host the second season.[14]

Initially, it was revealed that the HouseGuests would vote to evict one another, with the viewers choosing the winner out of the final three.[15] This was later scrapped, and it was decided that the HouseGuests would choose the winner and the evictees.[16] The twelve HouseGuests competing in the series were revealed on June 29, 2001.[17] The group moved into the house on July 1, 2001.[18] HouseGuests Mike and Justin had a criminal record prior to appearing on the series,[19] causing some controversy from critics.[20][21] HouseGuest Will was a doctor, while Kent and Mike both owned their own businesses.[22][23] Autumn, Kent, Krista, and Sheryl were all parents, though Kent was the only parent who was married.[24] Bunky was revealed to be the first openly gay HouseGuest to participate in the series, while Kent revealed prior to the season that he felt homosexuality was "perverse."[25] The HouseGuests from this season were noted as being more disruptive than in the previous year's show, with several arguments and romantic relationships occurring in the house.[26]

Initially, the season was set to air for a total of five days a week, though it was later decided only three episodes would air.[27] The show aired on CBS on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights at 8 PM Eastern time.[28] Despite this, the show was later moved back to 9 PM Eastern time beginning in August due to the show's content.[29] The Thursday episode of each week saw the live eviction and subsequent Head of Household competition, as well as host Julie Chen interviewing the evicted HouseGuest.[30] During the Saturday episode, the HouseGuests would participate in the nomination ceremony, in which two HouseGuests would be nominated for eviction.[31] The Tuesday episode would continue to recap the events of the week, and allowed viewers to see how the HouseGuests were thinking of voting in the upcoming eviction. Chuck Riley became the narrator for this season, however, played a smaller role in the show than in the previous season.[32] The live feeds returned for this season, however, required a monthly subscription to view them after July 8.[33]


The house used for the second season was a one story house with four bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, and one bathroom. The house was an estimated 1,800 square feet, and was located at the CBS Studio Center in Hollywood, California.[34] It featured a total of 38 cameras and 62 microphones, making all areas of the house visible.[35] During their stay in the house, the HouseGuests were required to wear microphones at all times, ensuring everything they said in the house was heard.[36] Throughout the house there are two way mirrors lined against the walls, with a production team filming behind them.[37] The bedrooms featured thermal imaging cameras, allowing the cameras to continue filming while the lights were off. The majority of the living room features red colors, as did the kitchen and dining room.[38] The dining room saw the inclusion of a round table, where the weekly nomination ceremony would take place.[39] The bathroom featured mainly blue and white colors.[38] There were three bedrooms eligible for all of the HouseGuests to use, while one was reserve solely for the Head of Household.[40] The backyard featured a patio area for the HouseGuests to sit, as well as a pool, jacuzzi, and basketball court.[38]


Big Brother was a game show in which a group of contestants, referred to as HouseGuests, lived in isolation from the outside world in a custom built "house", constantly under video surveillance.[41] The players were competing for a $500,000 prize,[42] though the Runner-Up would receive a $50,000 prize.[43] The format of the series was mainly seen as a social experiment, and required HouseGuests to interact with others who may have differing ideals, beliefs, and prejudices.[44][45] HouseGuests were also required to make visits to the Diary Room during their stay in the house, where they were able to share their thoughts and feelings on their fellow HouseGuests and the game.[46] While in the house, the HouseGuests are given no information from the outside world.[47] This includes the families and loved ones of the HouseGuests, whom they are not permitted to see or speak to.[48] The house featured no telephones, televisions, or reading material other than for religious use.[49] HouseGuests could voluntarily leave the house at any time, however, would not be able to return.[50][51] In addition, a HouseGuest could be removed from the house at any time for breaking the rules.[52][53] Each week in the house, the HouseGuests would participate in various competitions to win food, luxuries, and power.[49]

At the start of each week in the house, the HouseGuests would compete for the title of Head of Household.[54] The Head of Household for each week would have luxuries such as their own personal bedroom and free laundry service, but was responsible for nominating two HouseGuests for eviction. The Head of Household would not be able to compete in the following week's Head of Household competition, meaning that a HouseGuest could not hold the title for two weeks in a row.[55][56] All HouseGuests excluding the Head of Household and nominees later vote to determine which of the two nominees should be evicted, and the nominated HouseGuest who received the most votes was evicted during a live episode.[56] If there is a tie in the voting, the reigning Head of Household is required to make the tie-breaker decision.[57] Unlike other versions of Big Brother, the HouseGuests may discuss the nomination and eviction process openly and freely.[56] The HouseGuests also competed in food competitions, in which the losers were required to solely eat peanut butter and jelly for the rest of the week.[58] The HouseGuests also participated in weekly luxury competitions, in which those competing could win prizes.[38] When only two HouseGuests remained, the previously evicted HouseGuests returned to decide which of the two should win the game.[59]


The cast of the second season of Big Brother.

Top: Mike Boogie, Monica, Sheryl, Krista, Nicole, Autumn, Bunky and Will
Bottom: Shannon, Hardy, Justin and Kent
Name Age[I] Occupation Hometown
Daly, AutumnAutumn Daly 28 Mother; Aspiring singer Texas, Edinburg,Edinburg, Texas
Miller, Bill "Bunky"Bill "Bunky" Miller 36 Technical writer North Carolina, Harrisburg,Harrisburg, North Carolina
Ames-Hill, HardyHardy Ames-Hill 31 Bouncer Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sebik, JustinJustin Sebik 26 Bartender New Jersey, Bayonne,Bayonne, New Jersey
Blackwelder, KentKent Blackwelder 46 Business owner Tennessee, Powell,Powell, Tennessee
Stegall, KristaKrista Stegall 28 Waitress Louisiana, Opelousas,Opelousas, Louisiana
Malin, Mike "Boogie"Mike "Boogie" Malin 30 Bar owner California, Los Angeles,Los Angeles, California
Bailey, MonicaMonica Bailey 40 Candy store Manager New York, Brooklyn,Brooklyn, New York
Schaffrich, NicoleNicole Schaffrich 31 Personal chef Georgia, Atlanta,Atlanta, Georgia
Dragoo, ShannonShannon Dragoo 29 Realtor Texas, San Antonio,San Antonio, Texas
Braxton, SherylSheryl Braxton 43 Divorced Mother Florida, Vero Beach,Vero Beach, Florida
Kirby, WillWill Kirby 28 Physician Florida, Miami,Miami, Florida

^[I] Contestant's age at the start of the season.


On Day 1, the original twelve HouseGuests entered the house.[60] That night, the HouseGuests competed in the "All Stuffed Up" food competition.[38] For this competition, the HouseGuests were required to take as many groceries as possible and fit them inside of a 2002 Buick Rendezvous; they would be allowed to keep whatever groceries they managed to keep inside of the car for a total of sixty seconds.[35] The group successfully earned food for the week, and later learned that the last HouseGuest remaining in the car would get to keep it.[61] Kent was the winner.[35][62] On Day 2, the HouseGuests competed in the "Wheel of First Impressions" Head of Household competition.[38] For this competition, HouseGuests had to spin a wheel which would land on two adjectives; the HouseGuest who spun the wheel would select the two HouseGuests they felt the adjectives best described.[62] The HouseGuests who were not selected would then vote for which of the two HouseGuests they hoped to see win the competition, and the HouseGuest with the least votes was eliminated; when only two HouseGuests remained, the HouseGuests would vote for one of the two to win.[38] Mike was the winner, making him the first Head of Household.[63] Following this, Kent attempted to form an alliance between himself, Bunky, Justin, Mike, and Will.[64]

The group later competed in the "Dirty Dozen" food competition.[38] For this competition, the HouseGuests had to search through an inflatable pool filled with mud to find the twelve keys with the name of each HouseGuest on them. If the group found all twelve keys within six minutes, they would unlock the jacuzzi in the backyard; the group won the competition.[65] Mike debated nominating HouseGuests such as Kent, Autumn, and Nicole, seeing them as the most annoying and least liked in the house.[66] On Day 6, Mike chose to nominate Nicole and Sheryl for eviction, with Nicole being his main target.[67][68] The HouseGuests later competed in the "Birds Eye View" luxury competition.[38] For this competition, the HouseGuests had to spell out a word using their bodies, and Head of Household Mike was required to attempt to figure out the word; if Mike guessed correctly, they would win the food they spelled.[38] The group was successful, and won the competition.[69] Mike, Shannon, and Will later formed the Chilltown alliance, leading to the other HouseGuests forming their own alliance to go against the group.[70] Due to the Chilltown alliance attempting to evict Nicole from the house, the rest of the house planned to keep her in the game in an attempt to go against the group.[38] On Day 10, while making out with Krista, Justin held a knife up to her throat.[71] In the early hours of Day 11, Justin was officially removed from the house.[72][73] On Day 12, Sheryl became the first HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a vote of five to three.[74][75][76]

Following Sheryl's eviction, HouseGuests competed in the "To the Mat" Head of Household competition.[38] For this competition, HouseGuests were asked questions and were required to answer by either stepping off of a mat or staying in place. The HouseGuests were blind-folded so they could not see their fellow HouseGuests responses. Krista was the winner.[77] On Day 13, HouseGuests competed in the "Pound of Flesh" food competition.[38] For this competition, the HouseGuests competed as girls against guys and were required to write down their estimated weight. They would later weigh themselves, and the group that was furthest away from their total weight would be on food restriction for the week; the women were the losing team, thus Autumn, Monica, Nicole, and Shannon were on the food restriction.[77] Though the majority of the HouseGuests hoped for Krista to nominate Will and Shannon, she chose to nominate Autumn and Kent for eviction, with Autumn being her main target.[78] On Day 15, the HouseGuests competed in the "Ride the Bull" luxury competition.[38] For this competition, the HouseGuests competed as men against women and were required to ride a mechanical bull for a set amount of time. The winning team would earn the ingredients to make a barbecue dinner that night; the women were the winners.[79] On Day 16, it was revealed that the viewers voted for Krista to receive a video message from home for her birthday, as well as awarded her and one other HouseGuest a luxury dinner; she chose to take Mike to the dinner with her.[80] On Day 19, Autumn became the second HouseGuest to be evicted from the house in a unanimous vote of seven to zero.[81][82]

Following Autumn's eviction, Hardy won the "By the Numbers" Head of Household competition, which saw HouseGuests answering a series of number-based questions by raising paddles, with the paddles having the numbers zero through nine on them. If a player held up the incorrect paddle, they were eliminated. The following day, the group competed in the "Catch of the Day" food competition, in which the HouseGuests request three food items, which are written onto yellow balls. One hundred balls, all with groceries written on them, are thrown over the walls of the Big Brother compound. Of the 100, the 27 items selected by the players were included. The HouseGuests were given the items they catch. They could not pick up balls from the ground, or they were eliminated from the game. There were no supplemental groceries for the week, meaning meals can be made only from these items. On Day 21, Hardy chose to nominate Will and Shannon for eviction, two members of the Chilltown alliance who were also involved in a romantic relationship together. Following their nominations, Shannon made the now infamous act of taking Hardy's toothbrush and scrubbing the toilet with it. She was later called into the Diary Room and told she had to dispose of the toothbrush, and she later lied to Hardy and stated she knocked over his tooth brush and broke it. He later found out the truth, however, leading to several arguments between the two. Later in the week, the group competed in the "Cross Dressing" luxury competition, which required teams to send clothing over a clothesline to their team members. The winners of the challenge earned laundry service. On Day 26, Shannon was evicted in a unanimous six to zero vote.

Following Shannon's eviction, the HouseGuests competed in the "Higher or Lower" Head of Household competition, in which HouseGuests were told a number that involved an event that had previously occurred in the house, and the players had to decide if the number was actually higher or lower. If they believed the answer was higher, they would step up on their podium, and if they believed it was lower, they would step down on their podium. If a player gave an incorrect answer, they were eliminated from the challenge. Once it came down to a tie-breaker question, Kent beat out Mike and became the new Head of Household. The following day, the group competed in the "Food Pyramid" food competition, in which each HouseGuest was given a selected food group they would have to answer questions about. If a HouseGuest missed more than one question, they would cause the house to not have that food group for the week, whereas correct answers would earn them the food group for the week. On Day 28, Kent chose to nominate Krista and Mike, two members of the Chilltown alliance who were also involved in a romantic relationship. Following their nomination, Mike and Kent were involved in various arguments with one another. The group later competed in the "Spinning Discs" luxury competition, in which they threw ten CD's at a basket floating in the pool. The HouseGuest who got the most CD's into the basket would win the CD of their choice and a personal stereo. Monica won the competition. On Day 33, Mike was evicted in a four to one vote.

Following Mike's eviction, the HouseGuests competed in the "Face the Facts" Head of Household competition, which required the HouseGuests to answer a series of questions about the previously evicted HouseGuests and the outgoing Head of Household, Kent, using a cube that had their faces on them. A blank space was also on the cube, standing for "none of the above". If a player gave an incorrect answer, then they were eliminated from the competition. Hardy was the last player remaining, earning his second consecutive Head of Household win of the season. This made him the first person in the game to hold the title of Head of Household twice. The group later competed in the "The Perfect Meal" food competition, in which each HouseGuest told Big Brother his or her favorite meal. Then, each HouseGuest was assigned a day of the week that he or she would be responsible for. The object was for each HouseGuest to eat their favorite meal in under five minutes after it has been liquefied in a blender, then keep the food down for three minutes. If someone failed, the group would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for that day of the week. On Day 35, Hardy chose to nominate Kent and Will for eviction. In the "Rescue 911" luxury competition, each HouseGuest dressed a dummy in his or her likeness. With everyone out back, the dummies were hidden in various places in the House. The HouseGuests, split into teams of men against women, were blindfolded and had to enter the House, find a dummy and bring it back out to the safety of the basketball court. The first team to find three dummies and rescue them won the luxury of their choice, for up to $100. The women won the competition. On Day 40, Kent was evicted from the house in a unanimous four to zero vote.

Following Kent's eviction, Nicole won the "Pushing It to the Limit" Head of Household competition, in which the HouseGuests slid their keys to the house down a two-lane board towards a series of markers, each representing a different room in the house. Whoever landed their key closest to the Head of Household marker would win the Head of Household title for the week. As Nicole was the closest, she won the competition. The next day, the group competed in the "A Is For Apple" food competition, in which the HouseGuest entered the backyard to find an over-sized bowl full of cereal and an over-sized milk carton. Each HouseGuest had sixty seconds to climb into the cereal bowl and find two plastic letters, then name as many foods as they could that start with that letter. Their weekly food supply was made up of foods that they were able to name. On Day 42, Nicole chose to nominate good friends Krista and Monica for eviction that week. During the "All the News That Fits" luxury competition, the HouseGuests split into three teams of two people and were asked a series of questions about what may have happened in the outside world while they were in the Big Brother House. The team with the most correct answers after three questions would win three minutes in the Diary Room with current magazines, newspapers and a newsreel playing on a television. Will and Bunky won the competition. On Day 47, Krista was evicted from the house in a unanimous three to zero vote.

Due to Justin's expulsion in the first week, the HouseGuests learned that there would be no nominations that week, which meant there would be no Head of Household competition or eviction that week. Despite this, they did compete in food and luxury competitions for that week. In the "An Offer Almost Too Good To Refuse" food competition, the HouseGuests were dispatched by Julie Chen to find jars of peanut butter hidden throughout the House. They were brought into the Diary Room one by one, where they were each offered $2,500 in exchange for putting the house on the peanut butter and jelly diet for the week. Their decision would not be revealed to the others in the group. When nobody accepted the offer, it was changed to $5,000 and four days of the diet, which Bunky ultimately accepted. In the "Blockbuster" luxury competition, the group had to free a movie ticket frozen into the center of a block of ice. The first one to remove the ticket and drop it into a ticket bin, won a special screening of the film American Pie 2 in the Head of Household room. Bunky won the competition and chose to take Monica with him. On Day 54, Hardy won the "Big Brother Road Trip" Head of Household competition, which required HouseGuests to answer questions regarding the previously evicted HouseGuests, with the answers being states. In order to gain a point, the HouseGuests had to be the first to strike a pole with a remote-control car. The two with the most points would go on to Round Two. In the second round, the two HouseGuests had to drive their remote controlled cars around an obstacle course set up across the entire backyard. Each obstacle is based on the home state of an evicted HouseGuest and they had to approach each obstacle in the order that the HouseGuests were evicted. The group competed in the "Big Brother Jenga" food competition that week, which they won. During the "The Great Escape" luxury competition, Bunky and Will won a helicopter tour of Los Angeles, after they were the first team to make a basket fly out of the Big Brother house using balloons, strings, and a helium tank. Hardy chose to nominate Bunky and Will on Day 56, culminating in Hardy breaking the tied vote and evicting Bunky on Day 61.

Following Bunky's eviction, the remaining players competed in the "Strange Bedfellows" endurance competition, in which Monica, Nicole, and Will, as the only three players, had to sit on a bed in the backyard while holding onto their key. If a HouseGuest let go of their key or got off the bed, they were eliminated. When Will chose to take a luxury prize in exchange for quitting the competition, Monica became the new Head of Household that week. On Day 63, Monica nominated Hardy and Nicole for eviction, leaving Will with the sole vote that week. During the "Shop 'til You Drop" food competition, each HouseGuest was given four minutes to gather food from the stocked shelves of the food triangle, then navigate a backyard obstacle course. Whatever food they were still carrying at the end they could keep. On Day 65, Susan Hawk and Gervase Peterson, of Survivor: Borneo, and Alicia Calaway and Jeff Varner of Survivor: The Australian Outback visited the House to play against the HouseGuests in a special luxury competition. During the "Fire and Ice" luxury competition, the backyard was snowed over. Lettered blocks were scattered randomly, with enough letters to spell "Big Brother" and "Survivor". Bound together at the wrists, the teams move around the backyard getting the letters they need to make a tower spelling out their show name. Once finished, the players must untie themselves and dive, one at a time, into the pool to retrieve keys which they hang on torches at the end of the pool. The first team to hang all 4 keys won $15,000. The Survivors win the competition. Later that day, the groups participated in the "Crack the Code" luxury competition, in which a HouseGuest paired up with a Survivor, and were given a scrambled message on the plasma screen in the living room. The first team to unscramble the code, which described a location in the House, and retrieve a computer mouse from that location won a chance to surf the Internet to look at fan Web sites that have sprung up in their honor. Sue and Hardy unscramble their message first and won the competition. On Day 68, Will cast the sole vote to evict Hardy from the house.

Due to the events of the September 11th attacks, the game was halted for a week, meaning no eviction or Head of Household competitions. In a Big Brother first, the remaining three players were told of the terrorist attacks in the Diary Room, and Monica learned that her cousin, Tamitha, was missing. It was later revealed on the finale night that Tamitha died in the buildings when they collapsed. The game resumed with Part One of the Final Head of Household competition, in which Big Brother asked the previously evicted HouseGuests for one positive and one negative word to describe the three remaining competitors. Julie Chen read these descriptions to the final three, without telling them who is being described by each term. Their challenge was to figure out which one of them was being described by the last word from the evictees, with one point gained for every correct answer. Nicole won the competition. Will won the second part of the competition, in which HouseGuests were given a time limit to complete various household tasks. The players with the most points moved on to Round Three. The last part of the Head of Household competition consisted of seven questions about the HouseGuests experiences during their time in the Big Brother house. One point is awarded for each correct answer. Nicole had the most points in the end and became the final Head of Household of the season on Day 77. Nicole then cast the sole vote to evict Monica from the house, making Nicole and Will the Final Two. On Day 82, the jury of nine cast their votes for who they wanted to see win the game. Nicole and Will were allowed to nullify one vote, with Nicole nullifying Shannon's vote and Will nullifying Bunky's vote. Will was crowned the winner on Day 82, with a five to two jury vote.

Voting history[edit]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
Head of
Mike Krista Hardy Kent Hardy Nicole Hardy Monica Nicole (none)
Nominations Nicole
Will Nicole Autumn Nominated Krista Nominated Krista Nominated Hardy Nominated Winner
Nicole Nominated Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Head of
Bunky Nominated Monica Runner-Up
Monica Nicole Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Nominated Will Head of
(Day 77)
Will 1
Hardy Sheryl Autumn Head of
Mike Head of
Krista Bunky Nominated Evicted
(Day 68)
Nicole 1
Bunky Sheryl Autumn Shannon Mike Kent Krista Nominated Evicted
(Day 61)
Nicole 2
Krista Sheryl Head of
Shannon Nominated Kent Nominated Evicted
(Day 47)
Will 4
Kent Sheryl Nominated Shannon Head of
Nominated Evicted
(Day 40)
Will 4
Mike Head of
Autumn Shannon Nominated Evicted
(Day 33)
Will 4
Shannon Nicole Autumn Nominated Evicted
(Day 26)
Will 6
Autumn Sheryl Nominated Evicted
(Day 19)
Nicole 7
Sheryl Nominated Evicted
(Day 12)
Will 5
Justin Expelled
(Day 10)
Notes 1 none 2 3 none 4
Evicted Sheryl
5 of 8 votes
to evict
7 of 7 votes
to evict
6 of 6 votes
to evict
4 of 5 votes
to evict
4 of 4 votes
to evict
3 of 3 votes
to evict
2 of 3 votes
to evict
Will's choice
to evict
Nicole's choice
to evict
2 votes
to win
5 votes
to win


  • ^Note 1 : Justin was expelled from the game on Day 11 for rule breaking. The eviction continued as normal.
  • ^Note 2 : As Head of Household, Hardy was forced to break the tie on Day 61.
  • ^Note 3 : Due to the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, the game was postponed for a week.
  • ^Note 4 : Votes in the finale are cast for the HouseGuest's choice to win, not for who to evict. Both finalists were permitted to nullify one of the HouseGuest's final vote without knowing for whom the vote was cast. Nicole nullified Shannon's vote, and Will nullified Bunky's vote.



Big Brother 2 premiered on July 5, 2001 to a viewing audience of 8.2 million viewers.[83]

Controversy & criticism[edit]

HouseGuest Justin Sebik was expelled on Day 10 for breaking Big Brother rules.[84] Justin threatened his fellow HouseGuests with physical violence and intimidation, a violation of one of the most serious rules. Host Julie Chen explained that Justin was given an official warning that such behavior was not appropriate in the house; Justin repeated the warning, proving that he understood the rule. His behavior included destruction of house property, culminating in a final incident during which he and Krista were kissing on the kitchen table. He picked up a metal carpet sweeper and asked her, "Would you get mad if I cracked you over the head with this?" He swung the carpet sweeper towards Krista but put it down and kissed her. He walked away from her in the kitchen and asked, "Would you get mad if I killed you?"[85] He then picked up a large knife, returned to Krista and, while they kissed, placed the knife against her throat. He briefly took the knife away from her throat but, with Krista's encouragement, returned the knife to her throat and they began kissing again. As the kiss ended he put the knife down back into its drawer.[86] After speaking with the show's psychologist, it was decided that Justin would be expelled from the house.[87] Krista later sued CBS over the incident.[88][89]


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