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Bauer National is a portfolio of 7 national radio brands in the United Kingdom, owned and operated by Bauer Radio.

Absolute Radio[edit]

Bauer purchased the Absolute Radio group of stations from TIML in 2013. The core Absolute Radio station had been established as one of the three Independent National Radio franchises in 1993, broadcasting on AM radio and, from 1999, national DAB; since 1995, a relay of the station (with split local advertising, and at some times split programming) has been available in London on 105.8 FM. Initially branded Virgin Radio, the station took the name Absolute Radio in 2008. The station has since spun off a number of sister stations, currently comprising five decade-themed services and a dedicated classic-rock station.


Kiss plays predominantly rhythmic (dance/urban) music. The East and West versions of Kiss were previously SRH-owned Vibe stations. The three services now simulcast most programming content (from London), though retain the ability to split off where needed, including for local advertising and news bulletins.


Magic 105.4 FM is a melodic adult-contemporary music service, availbie on FM in London and, since January 2015, on DAB nationally. It can also be heard on Freeview, Sky and online.

Planet Rock[edit]

Planet Rock is a national DAB station, now also broadcast on FM to the West Midlands, which plays primarily classic rock music. The station was established in 1999 and was initially run by the GWR Group; it was sold to Malcom Bluemel's 'Rock Show' consortium in 2008 and from there to Bauer in 2013. For the first fourteen years of its operation, Planet Rock was a digital-only service, transmitting on the national DAB network (and through digital TV and online platforms), but in 2013 the station became available on FM when the 105.2 MHz frequency previously used by Kerrang! 105.2 was turned over to Planet Rock.

Digital-only stations[edit]

  • Heat Radio - hot adult-contemporary and celebrity chat; on DAB in various areas, Freeview and online
  • The Hits - current and fresh hits, on Freeview and online; no longer on DAB in its own right but its content airs on Bauer City 3 stations
  • Kerrang Radio - modern rock music, on DAB in London, Freeview nationally and online; its DAB slots outside London were turned over to Absolute Radio 90s in December 2014

Former stations[edit]

  • 3C - country music station, based in Glasgow, acquired as part of SRH takeover, broadcast on DAB in various areas and Freeview nationally; closed 2007; replaced on Freeview by a relay of Clyde 1 for a time.
  • Mojo Radio - classic rock, early pop, blues and soul; broadcast on digital TV and online; ceased broadcasting in 2008.
  • Q Radio - rock, alternative rock; broadcast nationally on Freeview and online; closed on 7 May 2013; replaced by Kisstory.
  • Smash Hits Radio - contemporary pop hits; following its removal from DAB it continued over Freeview, until being withdrawn to release a slot for KissFresh
  • Kerrang! 105.2 - local station broadcasting to the West Midlands and based in Lionel Street, Birmingham. It was also relayed on DAB in various areas and Freeview nationally. It was removed from FM to be replaced by Planet Rock, with the Kerrang! brand retained as a digital-only station run from London.

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