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The Big Hardee is a hamburger sandwich offered by Hardee's. The original Big Hardee was introduced in 1995 and was designed to compete against McDonald's Big Mac or Burger King's Whopper.

History and Description[edit]

The Big Hardee was re-released in September, 2009. The sandwich features three 9:1 beef patties,[clarification needed] two slices of American cheese, shredded lettuce and Big Twin Sauce on a 4-inch seeded bun. The sandwich averages 730 calories, 51g of fat and 1120 mg of sodium.[1]

Additionally, Hardee's sister chain, Carl's Jr. also introduced its version of the Big Hardee, The Big Carl, though unlike Hardee's only has two patties and is priced at $2.49.

The Big Hardee was reintroduced in response to McDonald's inclusion of Angus beef into its own sandwich lineup.[2] The Big Hardee costs approximately $2.29, 70 cents less than a Big Mac.[3]


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