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John Duncan, known professionally as Big John Duncan, is best known as the guitarist for The Exploited from their classic lineup of 1980–83.[1] During that time he played on the albums Punks Not Dead and Troops Of Tomorrow. He also played on many of their single releases, the most famous being "Dead Cities", which led to them playing on Top Of The Pops.

After quitting the band in 1983, Duncan went on to play in several other bands including The Square Peg and The Blood Uncles, and joined Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie (with future Garbage singer Shirley Manson). Between 1992 and 1993 he worked as a tour technician for the band Nirvana and played guitar with them on some concerts.[1]

Duncan moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the mid-1990s working, amongst other things, as a bouncer and roadie.


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