Big Red Racing

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Big Red Racing
Big Red Racing PC title.png
Title screen
Developer(s) Big Red Software
Publisher(s) Domark
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s)
  • EU 29 February 1996
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Distribution 1 CD-ROM

Big Red Racing is a racing game released for DOS in 1996. It was developed by Big Red Software and published by Domark.

Big Red Racing was planned for release on 6 different systems: DOS, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, 3DO, Nintendo 64, and Atari Jaguar, but they were all cancelled except the DOS version.

Game overview[edit]

Big Red Racing is a comical racing game. During the races, the commentators make humorous comments, stereotypically themed to the country they are from. When menu items are clicked, humorous phrases are played.


For the driver, the player can choose from a few different body shapes and change the colour of the clothes. For the vehicle, the player can change the colour and decal.

There are several different drivers for the player to choose from before the race. Two of these are Jake 'Bad' Jackson, and James 'Rabid Dog' Hendy.


U.S.A. "Excellent Adventure" track

There are 24 courses and 6 cups, encompassing the globe, the moon, Venus, and Mars. Each course has a humorous subtitle, usually a parody of a famous phrase or film.

Mushroom Cup[edit]

Flower Cup[edit]

Lightning Cup[edit]

Star Cup[edit]

Special Cup[edit]

Rainbow Cup[edit]

  • Arctic (Frosty's Revenge): Snow track
  • Mars (Red Planet Roller Coaster): Planet track
  • Venus (The Fly Trap): Planet track
  • Moon (Lunar Loops): Planet track


Moon "Lunar Loops" track

There are 8 vehicle groups, each containing two vehicle types. Each course uses one of these groups.



The theme song for the game is "Let it Roll", written and performed by Hangnail, which plays during the demo and menus. The racing, results and other music was composed by Gerard Gourley. All music, along with each course's intro, is played from the redbook audio portion of the CD-ROM.

Voice overs[edit]

In-Game Speech: Lani Minella & Jon St. John


  • Big Red Software (18 March 1996). "Big Red Racing" DOS (v2.17R). Domark. 

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