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Big Shiny Planet is a multi-media production house located in Nashville, TN. Their flagship product is [UP], a line of teaching resources that educate students about Biblical principals using a unique approach where the content is disseminated by using the lyrics of a song as the teaching outline. In addition, it is the artist that either composed or performed the song that is filmed elaborating on the Biblical substance of their lyrics, thus making [UP] a very distinctive resource when compared to its competitive counterparts.

Alan Vermilye, creator of Big Shiny Planet, sought to create a curriculum that that taught life changing Truths using the prolific and powerful presence of music has in a teenagers life. Recognizing the proven utility of using music to teach as seen both in his own life as well as in such programs as Schoolhouse Rock, he launched Big Shiny Planet in January 2006.

They later merged with Green Key Books in 2007 and released an enhanced version of their original product. Today it is sold through a number of vendors including Family Christian Stores and LifeWay.

Featured Artists[edit]

Building 429
Jessie Daniels
Stellar Kart
The Turning
Krystal Meyers
Todd Agnew
Sanctus Real
Anthony Evans