Big Talk Productions

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Big Talk Productions
Type Production company
Industry Film TV
Genre Comedy
Founded 1995
Founder(s) Nira Park
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Feature films
Television series

Big Talk Productions is an English film and television production company founded by Nira Park in 1995.


List of films[edit]

Released films[edit]

Year Title Distributor
2004 Shaun of the Dead Universal Pictures (UK)
Rogue Pictures (US)
2007 Hot Fuzz Universal Pictures (UK)
Rogue Pictures (US)
2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Universal Pictures
2011 Paul Universal Pictures
2011 Attack the Block Optimum Releasing
2012 Sightseers StudioCanal UK (UK)
IFC Films (USA)
2013 The World's End Universal Pictures (UK)
Focus Features (US)
2013 In Fear StudioCanal UK (UK)
Anchor Bay Entertainment (USA)
2014 Cuban Fury StudioCanal

In production[edit]

Year Title Distributor
2014 Man Up

Critical reception[edit]

  Green background shading indicates a positive score.
  Yellow background shading indicates a mixed score.
  Red background shading indicates a negative score.
Film Metacritic Reference
Shaun of the Dead 76 [1]
Hot Fuzz 81 [2]
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 69 [3]
Paul 57 [4]
Attack the Block 75 [5]
Sightseers 69 [6]
The World's End 81 [7]
In Fear 67 [8]
Cuban Fury 45 [9]

TV shows[edit]

List of TV shows[edit]

Year Title
1999–2001 Spaced
2000–2004 Black Books
2009 Free Agents
2010–2013 Him & Her
2010–present Rev.
2011–present Friday Night Dinner
2011 King Of...
2011 The Pranker
2011 Show Me the Funny
2011 Comedy Showcase: Chickens
2011 Free Agents (US)
2011–present Threesome
2011 Patrick Monahan Live
2012 Friday Night Dinner (US)
2013–present The Job Lot
2013–present Chickens
2013–present Youngers
2013 Ambassadors
2014 Mr. Sloane
2014 Our Zoo

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