Big Time Christmas

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"Big Time Christmas"
Big Time Rush episode
Big Time Christmas.PNG
Big Time Rush's Christmas morning
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 8–9
Featured music Big Time Rush
Production code 209–210
Original air date December 4, 2010 (2010-12-04)
Running time 47:16 (runtime)
Episode chronology
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"Big Time Pranks"
Next →
"Big Time Guru"
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Big Time Christmas is the 2010 made-for-television film/the third film of the series film franchise of the Nickelodeon television series, Big Time Rush. It has also been broadcast divided in two parts that serve as the season two eighth and ninth episodes of the series (Big Time Rush). It stars Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena, Jr., Logan Henderson, Ciara Bravo, David Anthony Higgins, Tanya Chisholm, and Stephen Kramer Glickman. It aired December 4, 2010.


Kendall Schmidt announced via Twitter (HeffronDrive) on September 28, 2010 that this Christmas special is in production.[1] It aired on December 4, 2010, since that is the month of Christmas.[2] Pictures of the making of the film have been revealed.[3] Filming of the movie ended as of October 13, 2010.


Griffin assigns Big Time Rush to make their own Christmas EP, but in order to get back to Minnesota for the holidays, BTR has to make 3 songs as well as find guest stars for two of them, all in five hours before they can go to Minnesota for the holidays. First they record "Beautiful Christmas" and later they sneak into Miranda Cosgrove's TV special so they can record a song with her, but first disguise themselves as bears and later kidnap Fabio. Their cover is blown when Cosgrove opens the door to get her costume for the second part of her special and she sees James, Logan, Kendall, and Carlos.She isn't happy until the boys explain their situation, and that her manager's daughter loves their album. Fabio then confesses that he is a bad singer. Cosgrove changes her mind and decides that Big Time Rush should sing Fabio's part in "All I Want for Christmas Is You". Gustavo records it live when the song starts. After recording the second song, Gustavo gets run over by Snoop Dogg's limousine. Big Time Rush asks Dogg to sing a duet with them and he agrees. They record "12 Days of Christmas" with a twist of rap. After recording the third song, the band finally finish the EP but Griffin decides to record another song to complete the EP because he heard Justin Bieber's eight-hour song "50 Days of Christmas" featuring 50 Cent. Gustavo has a breakdown inside the studio and Kendall changes his voice to a Chipmunk-esque voice and agrees to record another song with Snoop called "Let's Stay in Our PJs (All Christmas Long)". After recording the final song, the band leaves the studio for the holiday, only to discover that a blizzard has closed down all flights to the Midwest. Katie then comes forward and suggests they make some Christmas happen in L.A., which they do by bringing the studio decorations to the Palmwoods and installing them in the lobby for Mr. Bitters, to show him what it's like to celebrate Christmas the way you're supposed to – with friends. Gustavo and Kelly soon arrive as well; he missed his flight to Fiji and figured he might as well spend Christmas with the boys. He also reveals to them that he brought a Christmas feast, and as they all sit down to eat, the film comes to a close as the narrator wishes everyone a 'Big Time' Christmas.


Mrs. Knight attempts packing up all the family presents so she won't have to pay a luggage fee at the airport.

Katie tries to bring Christmas spirit to a Scrooge-esque Mr. Bitters. She starts by trying to invite him over to watch It's A Wonderful Life; however, at the end of it, he comments on what the Palmwoods would be like if he hadn't been born. Katie then imagines this as well, with a hunky new manager throwing a dance party. After watching her act out her vision, Bitters angrily claims that he doesn't care that no one likes him and would rather have Christmas on his own.

In the end, Katie makes up for this by setting up their Christmas in the Palm Woods and giving him the presents they were going to take to Minnesota.


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The movie premiered on Saturday, December 4, 2010 to 4.96 million viewers.[4] Moreover, reception was positive.