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TIT, Tit, Tits, or tit may refer to:


  • Tit (bird) or Paridae, a large family of passerine birds
  • Bearded Tit, a small reed-bed passerine bird
  • Long-tailed tits or Aegithalidae, a family of passerine birds with long tails
  • Tit-babbler or Macronus, a genus in the family Timaliidae
  • Tit Berrypecker, a species of bird in the Paramythiidae family
  • Tit Hylia, a species of bird in the Cettiidae family
  • Tomtit, a small passerine bird of the family Petroicidae
  • Wrentit, a small bird, the only species in the genus Chamaea



  • Jacques Tits (born 1930), French/Belgian mathematician
  • Tit Liviu Chinezu (1904–1955), Romanian bishop of the Greek-Catholic Church
  • Tit Linda Sou (born 1989), female track and field sprint athlete who competes internationally for Cambodia



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