Bigfoot (1970 film)

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Movie poster
Directed by Robert F. Slatzer
Produced by Anthony Cardoza
Written by Robert F. Slatzer
Starring John Carradine
John Mitchum
Christopher Mitchum
Music by Richard A. Podolor
Cinematography Wilson S. Hong
Edited by Hugo Grimaldi
Bud Hoffman
Release dates 1970
Running time 84 minutes
Language English

Bigfoot is a 1970 horror science fiction film. Despite its low budget, it featured some well-known actors and family namesakes in the cast, including John Carradine as "Jasper C. Hawkes", a Southern traveling salesman. Robert F. Slatzer directed and Chris Mitchum, Joi Lansing, Doodles Weaver and Lindsay Crosby co-starred. Portions of the film were shot in undisclosed mountain wilderness locations where Bigfoot was alleged to have been sighted.


The basic plot involves people who are captured by Bigfoot. There is a group of hunters trying to hunt down Bigfoot, bumbling at first, but in terms of rescuing the captured women, and capturing the gigantic 'King of the Woods' alive for public exhibition for profit victorious (with the help of others) in the end. It also involves "cool" college students riding cheap imported motorcycles (because Harley's are unreliable) to rescue the captured young women.

In the middle of the film, the skeptical sheriff's department and the ranger's station are notified of the women's disappearance, but to no avail on the part of the authorities with respect to actually searching for the missing women. The unlikely heroes in the very end are a hardy, gun-toting old mountain man who had previously lost one of his arms during a historical encounter (this encounter is not dramatized in this film as a flashback) with the gigantic, erect animal and one of the idiotic dynamite-armed bike riders. The old man hero's wife, an Indian squaw, prophesies "bad medicine" (for Bigfoot, that is) just before the final man-vs.-Bigfoot showdown. Note: some or all of the outdoor scenes may have been shot near Red Bluff in Northern California because the lady (Joi Lansing) piloting the junky-looking airplane calls "Red Bluff Radio" during the distress transmission. Tehama County, CA is mountainous wilderness where some Sasquatch sightings have been known to have occurred.


  • John Carradine - Jasper B. Hawks
  • Joi Lansing - Joi Landis
  • Judy Jordan - Chris
  • John Mitchum - Elmer Briggs
  • James Craig - Cyrus
  • Christopher Mitchum - Rick
  • Joy Wilkerson - Peggy
  • Lindsay Crosby - Wheels
  • Ken Maynard - Mr. Bennett
  • Dorothy Keller - Nellie Bennett
  • Doodles Weaver - Forest Ranger
  • Noble 'Kid' Chissel - Hardrock
  • Nick Raymond - Slim/Evil Creature
  • Del 'Sonny' West - Mike
  • Walt Zachrich - Deputy Hank
  • Ray Cantrell - Dum Dum
  • Suzy Crosby - Suzy
  • Lois Red Elk - Falling Star
  • Jennifer Bishop - Bobbi (as Jenifer Bishop)
  • Walt Swanner - Henry
  • Billy Record - Billy
  • Carolyn Gilbert - Mrs. Cummings
  • Holly Kamen - Cyclist
  • Sonny Incontro - Omaha
  • Kathy Andrews - Kathy
  • Haji - Haji
  • Jim Oliphant - 2nd Ranger
  • Eric Tomlin - 3rd Ranger
  • Denise Gilbert - Child in Store
  • Kim Cardoza - Kim
  • Charles Harter - Chuck
  • William Bonner - Lucky (as Bill Bonner)
  • Diane Hardin - Sally
  • Anthony Cardoza - Fisherman (as Tony Cardoza)
  • Louis Lane - Observer
  • Kenny Marlowe - Little Boy
  • Jerry Maren - Baby Creature
  • Gloria Hill - Female Creature
  • Nancy Hunter - Female Creature
  • A'leisha Brevard - Female Creature (as A'Leshia Lea)
  • James Stellar - Bigfoot

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