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The Bijou Theatre (1882–1943) in Boston, Massachusetts, occupied the second floor of no. 545 Washington Street near today's Theatre District.[1][2] Architect George Wetherell designed the space, described by a contemporary reviewer as "dainty."[3][4] Proprietors included Edward Hastings, George Tyler, and B.F. Keith.[5][6] Around the 1900s, it featured a "staircase of heavy glass under which flowed an illuminated waterfall."[7] The Bijou "closed 31 December 1943 and was razed in 1951."[8] The building's facade still exists.[9]


Variant names[edit]

  • Bijou Opera House[10]
  • Bijou Dream Theatre[11]
  • B.F. Keith's Bijou Theatre[8]
  • RKO Bijou Theatre[8][12]
  • Intown Theatre[8]


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