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Vijay Krishna Goswami
Vijay Krishna Goswamiji.jpg
Image of Vijay Krishna Goswami
Born 2 August 1841
Shantipur, Bengal, British India
Died 1899
Philosophy Vedanta

Vijay Krishna Goswami (Bengali: বিজয় কৃষ্ণ গোস্বামী ) (2 August 1841 – 1899)[1][2] was a prominent social reformer and religious figure and incarnation of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya [3] in India during the British period. He was a spokesmen of the new Vaisnavite doctrine. Inspired by Debendranath Tagore he joined Brahma Samaj. In his lifetime Vijay Krishna visited various parts of India to preach Brahmoism.Later He followed different religious paths to attain the absolute truth . And even after doing so when He was unable to find the absolute truth He understood the importance of a Guru. He got initiated from Brahmananda paramhansa and attained the absolute truth. Later He himself preached the path of absolute truth to many.

Early life[edit]

Vijay Krishna was born on 2 August 1841[1] in Santipur, Nadia. His father, Ananda Kishore Goswami, was a great devotee. Vijay Krishna started getting education at Gobinda Goswami's tol in Shantipur. Later he came to Kolkata in 1859 and entered Sanskrit College. He also briefly studied medicine. While he was in college, he read about Vedanta and developed interest in it. He met Debendranath Tagore in Kolkata and by his inspiration he joined Brahma Samaj. There is an interesting incident related to His birth. His father Sri Ananda Chandra Goswami was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. He went to Puri from Shantipur giving dandavats. It took him more than a year. And on reaching Puri temple a ray of light from Sri Jagannath entered his body which later entered his wife when he returned to shantipur. Vijay Krishna was born after few months. Famous Advaita Prabhu was an ancestor of Vijay Krishna. They had their family deity "Shyam Sunder" (Another Name of Krishna). Shyam Sunder used to play with Vijay Krishna and speak to him.


Thakur married Yogamaya devi Who was incarnation of Ma Vishnupriya Devi, who was consort (wife) of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya .Prabhu Adwaita acharya who was reincarnation of Mahavishnu prayed for God almighty to be born to save the world .Mahaprabhu Chaitanya was born as an answer to his prayers.However when Mahaprabhu Chaitanya took sanyas and wanted to leave for Sri Brindavan.This upset Prabhu Adwaitacharya.Mahaprabhu was diverted to Shantipur by Prabhu Nityananda as a trick.Mahaprabhu stayed at Prabhu Adwaita' place for ten days.Prabhu Adwaita cursed Mahaprabhu to be born in his lineage after ten generations after which his lineage will end. Thakur Bijoykrishna gosainji was born in Prabhu Adwaita' line . Thakur Gosainji was incarnation of Mahaprabhu Chaitanya and Yogamaya devi was incarnation of Ma Bishnupriya devi.

Later life[edit]

Vijay Krishna visited different parts of India to preach Brahmoism. He came to East Bengal in 1863 and worked for some time in Dhaka with Keshab Chandra Sen. He established Brahma temples in Shantipur, Mymensingh. He was especially interested in the development and education of women, and taught for some time at the school established by Keshab Chandra. He also wrote Prashnottar, on the practice of yoga. On the practice of yoga he wrote a book name Prashnottar. He was always in search of the absolute truth . He later left Brahmo samaj and followed many different religious paths to attain the absolute truth . And even after doing so when He was unable to find the absolute truth He understood the importance of a Guru. He got initiated from Brahmananda paramhansa and attained the absolute truth. Later He himself preached the path of absolute truth to many .His teaching can be read in the book named "Sri Sri Sadgurusanga" . He left his mortal body in Jagannath Puri Dham. His samadhi is still famous as "Jatiya babar Ashram".Vijay Krishna Goswami was also popularly known as "Gosaiji" .Gosaiji preached ,God can have infinite bhav or forms. Krishna, Christ, Ma Kali are all different Bhav or forms of God and that God can have infinite such Bhava.

Lord Krishna was curious to experience the divine love that Sri Radha felt for in Kaliyuga ,the Radha Tatwa and Krishna Tatwa integrated and manifested in the form of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.The divine body was that of Radha and Krishna dwelling with in. In this unique incarnation The Lord extolled the glory of Holy Name. In order to to make the Divine Love and the Supreme Name( The most cherished treasure of reticent munis, rishis, (sages,seers), accessible to even the commonest and lowliest, Sadgurutatwa got integrated into the Radha and Krishna Tatwa and incarnated as Sadguru Bhagwan Vijay Krishna Goswamiji . This was also the result of curse( boon) granted to Sri Adwaita Prabhu.

Gosainji made prophetic remark that " We shall again meet on a mountain"

In order to fulfil the prophecy, incarnation of Sadguru Paramahansa Sri Sri Sri Swami Advaitannanda Saraswati took place. The mountain was identified formidable Rishikanda Pahad in the Garwal Himalayas . Vijay Milan Math ( Union of Vijay Krishna disciples with Lord Vijay Krishna )was established where Bhagwan Vijay Krishna is worshipped in new form as Lord Ashutosh. Thus the Divine love and Supreme Name was made accessible to all reverent devotees. At present Vijay Milan Math has its branches in Sri Vrindavan,(U.P), & Jangipara( West Bengal) . In addition it has a spiritual Center known as Vijay Milan Center in Paris, France.

Vijay Milan Math, Sri Vrindavan
Vijay Milan Math, Rishikanda Pahad,DevDarshini, Kanathal, TG District, Himalayas

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