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Bilandic Building on LaSalle Street.

The Michael A. Bilandic Building, (formally the Justice Michael Bilandic State of Illinois Building and formerly State of Illinois Building) is a building located at 160 North LaSalle Street in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. The 21-storey building was constructed in 1920. Following the 1985 completion of the James R. Thompson Center, which currently serves as the primary building for the State of Illinois, this building became the State of Illinois Annex Building.[1] The 92nd General Assembly of the State of Illinois passed a resolution to rename the State of Illinois Building the Justice Michael Bilandic State of Illinois Building.[2] The legislation was adopted on February 5, 2003.[3] The building is named after Michael Anthony Bilandic, who is a former Mayor of Chicago, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois and a former United States Marine Corps First lieutenant.[2]


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