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Bilauktaung is located in Burma
Highest point
Peak Myinmoletkat Taung
Elevation 2,072 m (6,798 ft) [1]
Coordinates 13°28′00″N 98°48′00″E / 13.46667°N 98.80000°E / 13.46667; 98.80000Coordinates: 13°28′00″N 98°48′00″E / 13.46667°N 98.80000°E / 13.46667; 98.80000
Country Burma
Parent range Tenasserim Hills
Type of rock granite

Bilauktaung is a subrange of the Tenasserim Hills. It is located in Burma on the border with Thailand. It extends from the Dawna Range for about 400 km along the frontier area to the Kra Isthmus. The Bilauktaung includes Myinmoletkat Taung 2,072 m, the highest point of the northern section of the Tenasserim range, and, with a prominence of 1,857 m, one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.[1] Other peaks are Ngayannik Yuak Taung 1,531 m, Palan Taung 1,455 m, among other similarly high summits.[2]

The whole Bilauktaung is covered with tropical rain forest, but the western area is more heavily forested than the eastern for it receives heavier monsoon rains.[3]


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