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Origin New York City, USA
Genres Industrial metal, industrial rock
Years active 1992–present
Labels Energy Records (1994 – 2000)
Bile Style (2000 – present)
Associated acts Pigface, EXE, Napalm, Ill Nino, Sepultura
Members Krztoff
Brett Frana
R. H. Bear

Bile is an industrial metal project based in the New York City, USA area. Although there has been so many different members throughout the bands career, Krztoff is the songwriting, recording and conceptual leader. But the team of Krztoff and R.H.Bear are the ones driving the tank. The group has performed with as many as 11 and as small as 2 people on-stage. The early shows in 1993-1995 NY included a dominatrix and fire-breather. But the core is Krztoff, R.H.Bear, Brett Frana and longtime on again off again drummer John "Servo" DeSalvo.


Beginning in December 1992 Bile began as an art project to become the anti-band. Bored by being in simple jeans and t-shirt rock/metal bands and led by vocalist Krztoff, the band became the top drawing NYC live spectacle, which led to them signing with a NY based indie record label and released three albums on Energy Records, including their debut, Suckpump, "Teknowhore" and "Biledegradable". Following tours with Gwar, 16 Volt, Evil Mothers and many many lineup changes, Krztoff became unsatisfied with Energy Records and negotiated his way off the label, inciting Krztoff and R.H. Bear (Krztoff's longtime friend and bandmate) to regroup and record for their own label, Bile Style Records. Krztoff recorded Sex Reflex. The album features their most popular song to date, "In League". Another well known track "I Reject" was on the Almost 5 million selling cd "Mortal Kombat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack". This album and video put Bile on the map, so to speak. Krztoff went on to join Pigface as guitarist in 2001. With help by Martin Atkins' distribution conduit, Bile Style Records then released "Bile - Nightmare Before Krztoff", "Black From The Dead", "Bile - Demonic Electronic", "Bile - The Copy Machine", "Bile - Frankenhole" and "Bile - Regurge-The Best o' Bile". Selling thousands of records with virtually no promotion except their reputation and years of touring.

Krztoff coined the phrase "Demonic Electronic" to best describe their sound and live show since the band doesn't fit into any one genre. There are few bands on earth that truly share the Bile sound. Except that it's very extreme.

Bile has played and toured the U.S. extensively with artists such as Pigface, KMFDM, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Ohgr, Gwar, Misfits, Rammstein, etc...

When performing live, Bile consists of Krztoff (vocals, lead guitar), Brett Frana (keyboards, lighting & Touring Production), R. H. Bear (bass, effects), and occasional live drummer John "Servo" Desalvo. Though Bile mainly uses drum machines/sequencers for their live experience.

Krztoff is also an active member of Pigface, Black from the Dead and Nightmare Before Krztoff (W/Brett Frana).

In 2013, Bile released the album Built to Fuck, Born to Kill as a digital release online. A CD version and a tour are expected to follow later in the year.


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