Bill (1981 film)

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BILLtelevision movie.jpg
Genre Biography
Distributed by CBS
Directed by Anthony Page
Produced by Mel Stuart
Written by Corey Blechman
Story by Barry Morrow
Starring Mickey Rooney
Dennis Quaid
Largo Woodruff
Anna Maria Horsford
Harry Goz
Music by William Humeke
William Kraft
Cinematography Mike Fash
Editing by George Hively
Production company Alan Landsburg Productions
Country United States
Language English
Original channel CBS
Release date
  • December 22, 1981 (1981-12-22)
Running time 100 minutes

Bill is a 1981 CBS TV movie starring Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid. The film is based on the life of Bill Sackter. A sequel, Bill: On His Own, was released in 1983.


Bill is a man with mental retardation in his 60s. He ventures out into the world for the first time after spending most of his life at Grandville, a dreary inner city institution in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since age seven (when his parents sent him there). Bill is taken in by a kind family and learns what it means to love for the first time in his life.

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