Bill Bolender

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Bill Bolender
Years active 1986–present

Bill Bolender is an American actor and artist.

He is mainly known for small appearances in RoboCop 2, JFK, Reality Bites, The Shawshank Redemption, Nixon and Dante's Peak.

His guest starring appearances include roles in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Walker, Texas Ranger, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as an Albino alien in the episode "Blood Oath"), NYPD Blue, Alias, Deadwood and in the Desperate Housewives episode "No One Is Alone". He also had a recurring role as Captain Ross in JAG.

Other credits[edit]

Motion picture credits[edit]

Television credits[edit]

  • Dallas: The Early Years
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains
  • Pancho Barnes
  • Dream Date
  • Challenger
  • In Broad Daylight
  • Final Verdict
  • Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life
  • Trial: The Price of Passion
  • Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story
  • Jack Reed: Badge of Honor
  • Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Suspect Device
  • Smoke Jumpers
  • Crime of the Century
  • Quicksilver Highway
  • A Thousand Men and a Baby
  • Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack
  • Hefner: Unauthorized
  • JAG

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