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Bill Carroll
Born July 29, 1959
Occupation Radio broadcaster.
Spouse(s) Sylvie Lapointe

Bill Carroll is a radio personality on KFI in Los Angeles. On February 12, 2010 it was announced that he will be hosting The Bill Carroll Show on KFI from 12:00-3:00 pm Monday through Friday, beginning February 22, replacing Bill Handel's syndicated afternoon show.[1] On December 21st, 2012 it was announced that he will be hosting an afternoon drive show called "Bill Carroll" on Talk Radio AM640 (CFMJ) in Toronto from 4:00 - 7:00pm Monday through Friday, beginning January 7th 2013. He was formerly a long-time host on CFRB in Toronto.


Carroll was born in Scotland on July 29, 1959 and grew up in Coatbridge near Glasgow. He came with his family to Canada in the late 1960s. The family first lived in Don Mills, Ontario in an apartment (later in a townhouse in Scarborough, Ontario), where he attended Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute, a few years before Mike Myers.


Out of high school in 1980, Carroll moved to New Liskeard, Ontario. "My first job was as news director for the station CJTT. This meant I was also the morning news anchor and the news reporter — I was a one-man department. But it was a great place to learn about broadcast journalism. "I hadn't formally studied journalism, so once I got the job I bought every book on broadcast journalism I could find. At night I would study to be a broadcast journalist, and practice during the day." Bill was the co-host of MuchMusic's game show spoof Test Pattern, along with Dan Gallagher. After a stint in Peterborough, Ontario, he joined Q107 in Toronto, on a news program named "Barometer". He subsequently worked at its sister station TALK 640 as morning host, before joining CFRB in 1998; first as a weekend newscaster and entertainment reporter, then as news director, before assuming his talk show.

In October 2004, Carroll was named to host Global Television's Focus Ontario, a weekly public affairs show. His tenure there lasted until fall 2005, when he was replaced by Sean Mallen.

On December 21, 2012, Carroll made an announcement on his Facebook page. "Today I have in my hand a new long term agreement to remain at KFI. Awesome! But that's not all. Starting January 7th next year, my Toronto fans can hear me each weekday on Talk Radio AM640 as they drive home from 4 to 7 PM. A completely different show for Toronto listeners on issues they care about. 640 in L.A. and 640 in T.O. It's almost poetic. To my Toronto fans, thanks so for missing me." He is joined on AM640 Toronto by Sandy Salerno and Chris Chreston.


FLICK-OFF Campaign[edit]

On April 26, 2007 the Ontario Provincial government launched a new environment campaign with a slogan "FLICK-OFF". The phrase resembled the derogatory phrase fuck off (because the 'L' and the 'I' together could be perceived as a 'U'). Carroll claimed children will see the derogatory word, sending the wrong message. He sarcastically told the government and some callers to Flick-off on live radio.

Switch over[edit]

On December 15, 2006, it was announced on The Six O'clock News Hour that Bill Carroll would be replacing Ted Woloshyn as host of The Morning Show starting January 2007. Woloshyn had announced that very morning that he was resigning, after celebrating his tenth anniversary as CFRB Morning host (following Wally Crouter's 50-year tenure).[2]

However, Carroll unlike Woloshyn, started his show at 6:00 am instead of 5:30 am. His show ends at 10:00 am instead of 8:30 am. In 2009, he was moved to the 9 am to 1 pm slot as host of an eponymous program which ran until his move to Los Angeles the next year.


In March 2007, Tim Hortons filed a defamation lawsuit against Carroll, Standard Radio, which owned CFRB, and CanWest for his allegations on CFRB and Global TV that the Canadian taxpayers were footing the bill for its well-publicised franchise in Afghanistan.[3]

Carroll said on his Global TV commentary: "Tim Hortons has been sliding by on the great publicity about the Kandahar franchise all these months and then Global uncovers the dirty little secret. You and I, the taxpayers, are picking up $4 or 5 million dollars a year so that they can look good to the public ... Shame on Tim Hortons."

Tim Hortons Inc. is seeking $35 million from all three for the false statement.[4]

Double Bill[edit]

A brief moment where Bill Handel and Bill Carroll are both on the air.


Carroll sits as a member of the Board of Governors for the Canadian student newspaper, The Prince Arthur Herald.[5]


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