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Bill Catambay at Shenzhen Zoo in Shenzhen, China, 2007

Bill Catambay, president and owner of ExcaliburWorld Software, is director and producer of the game project Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. He is also the president and editor-in-chief of the national Apple User Group The Macintosh Guild,[1] and editor-in-chief of Pascal Central.[2]


Bill Catambay was born on August 1, 1962, in Mountain View, California. He attended Oak Grove High School in San Jose, CA, and attended the University of Santa Clara where he graduated with honors with a degree in Computer Science.

Bill's first job was at a convalescence hospital (or CCF) in San Jose, CA, working a maintenance job at the age of 15 years. While going to high school, Bill worked part-time at Jack-in-the-Box, and when he began college, he worked part-time at Lockheed. After graduation, Bill entered the graduate engineer program at Lockheed, and eventually ended up working for the Trident missile program as a lead programmer supporting the manufacturing shops. Having worked at Lockheed Martin since 1982, Catambay writes and supports computer programs that support FBM Manufacturing Shops in Sunnyvale, CA, and in Kings Bay, Georgia. He also developed a web-based attendance recording and overtime management system that supports several Lockheed Martin facilities across the United States.

Outside of work, Catambay's positions include Macintosh advocate,[3] Pascal advocate,[4] game designer,[5] software reviewer,[6] editor-in-chief, and video editor. At home, he strictly uses Macintosh for all his personal works, including the development of Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge.

Catambay founded ExcaliburWorld Software in 1994. He started Pascal Central in 1996, and started the Macintosh Guild in 1997, both of which he continues to support today.

Currently, Catambay lives in Santa Clara, CA, with his wife Yanying and two sons, Peter and Michael.


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