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Bill Evans (born 1961 in Los Angeles, California) (AKA, Bass Man Bill Evans ) is an American bass guitarist who focuses on funk and rock. He currently resides in Las Vegas with his family and enjoys playing at his local church Canyon Ridge Christian Church.


At the age of fifteen Evans began playing the electric bass. He quickly moved from playing rock to funk and jazz. Evans is mainly a self-taught bassist, although he briefly studied with the bassists John Patitucci and Valda Hammick. He plays a custom Warwick fretted 4 string and fretless 5 string. He uses '"Bass Man Bill Evans"' as his career name to distinguish himself from the Jazz piano legend Bill Evans.

As a studio musician and performer, he has recorded and toured with Sony recording artist "Strongheart" with the guitarist/vocalist Wilbur Hess and drummer Bobby Arechiga. He also played and toured with Storm, James Burton and Jeff Burton with Dave Koz; and worked with the legendary team of Harry Vanda and George Young of Albert productions. He has paid his dues in many gigs throughout the world ranging from hard rock to funk/jazz.


  • Bass Jams 1 - (1999)
  • Bass Jams 2 (2000)
  • Bass Jams 3 (No date set yet)

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