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Bill Leeb
Bill Leeb FLA 2013.JPG
Bill Leeb performing in Moscow, 2013.
Background information
Birth name Wilhelm Anton Leeb
Also known as Bill Leeb, Wilhelm Schroeder[1]
Born (1966-09-21) 21 September 1966 (age 48)[2]
Vienna, Austria
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Industrial, electronic music
Occupation(s) Singer, composer, writer
Instruments Synthesizer, sampler
Years active 1984–present
Labels KK, Dossier, Third Mind, Wax Trax!, Roadrunner, Cleopatra, Off Beat, Metropolis, Dependent, Zoth Ommog
Associated acts Cyberaktif, Delerium, Equinox, Fauxliage, Intermix, Noise Unit, Pro>Tech, Skinny Puppy, Synæsthesia

Wilhelm Anton "Bill" Leeb (born 21 September 1966,[2] Vienna, Austria) is an Austrian-Canadian[3] electronic musician.

Musical career[edit]

Leeb began his musical career with industrial band Skinny Puppy under the pseudonym of Wilhelm Schroeder[1] in 1985, contributing bass synth and occasional backing vocals to a few of their recordings and concerts from this period. He left in mid 1986 and formed his own industrial project Front Line Assembly with Michael Balch, and later Rhys Fulber[4] and Chris Peterson. Though Front Line Assembly has had consistent underground success, Leeb's most widely known efforts are through his side project, Delerium, which had a major hit in the late 1990s with "Silence".[5]

Musical projects in which Bill Leeb has participated in include:

Personal life[edit]

He moved to Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada with his family when he was 13.[6] He was a high school student at Mount Elizabeth Secondary School. Leeb lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Leeb has been in a relationship with Canadian artist Carylann Loeppky for over 20 years. The couple have been married but in the meantime they are divorced.[7] Loeppky was part of the tour personnel on Front Line Assembly tours "designing and selling merchandise and put together a visual presentation for the live performance."[7] She also created the artwork for albums of Front Line Assembly and Delerium.[8]


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