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Mallonee in 2007

Bill Mallonee (b. January 1, 1955,[citation needed]) is an American singer-songwriter, most notably the songwriter and leader of Vigilantes of Love, an Americana, alt-country, Rock band from Athens, Georgia. Though the Vigilantes disbanded in 2001, Mallonee has continued to write, singing and playing his music solo. On his Summer 2007 tour, he was joined onstage by his second wife, Muriah Rose, who plays keyboards and sings. The two have continued to tour together ever since. Throughout his career many of his songs have focused on his Christian faith and his family. Critically speaking, he is held in high regard as a songwriter, being named one of the 100 greatest living songwriters by Paste Magazine. [1] He holds a degree in history from the University of Georgia.[2]

The Woody Guthrie Legend[edit]

Mallonee spent the summer of 1965 staying with an uncle a few blocks from Shea Stadium in Queens County, New York. Mallonee's uncle would often take him to Mets games evenings and weekends. At one game, Bill received a concussion from a foul ball during batting practice, and was taken to Brooklyn State Hospital, where his uncle was employed as a watchman. During his stay Mallonee shared a room with folk legend Woody Guthrie, who was there receiving treatment for Huntington's Disease. Mallonee was released after one night, but the stay was long enough for the ten year old to develop a friendship with Guthrie. He would continue to visit the musician several times over the remaining summer weeks.

The story circulated among fans unconfirmed for years. In a 2007 interview in Flagpole Magazine, however, Mallonee confirmed the story. He attributed his "Dust Bowl fashion, coal-dusty voice and empathy for migrant farmers" to his conversations with Guthrie. Woody was quite taken with Bill and encouraged him to pursue acting. Bill auditioned for a part in "The Wiz" but was ultimately passed by when Michael Jackson was cast in the role.


  • Fetal Position (Paste, 2002)
  • Go and Ask Her (Startled Chameleon, 2002, UK release)
  • Locket Full of Moonlight (Paste, 2002)
  • My Year in Review (2002, remastered and revised from 1995 VoL release)
  • Perfumed Letter (Paste, 2003)
  • Locket Full of Moonlight (UK) (2004)
  • Dear Life (Fundamental, 2004)
  • Friendly Fire (Fundamental, 2005)
  • Hit and Run (2005)
  • Yonder Shines The Infant Light (2005, Christmas)
  • Permafrost (2006)
  • Circa (2007)
  • lower case (mini ep) (2008)
  • Recent Demos (10/01/2008)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 1 (10/01/2008)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 2 (01/20/2009)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 3 (04/08/2009)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 4 (06/15/2009)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 5: Cabin Songs (11/17/2009)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 6: Rural Route (12/22/2009)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 7: Eternal Dawn & Gloaming (03/10/2010)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 8: Coal Dust Soul (06/09/2010)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 9: Drifter Songs (01/2011)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 10: High Desert Hope (04/2011)
  • Works (in) Progress Administration Vol. 11: Kid Heart (08/2011)
  • Ti Jean: a Tribute to Jack Kerouac (01/2011)
  • The Power and the Glory (09/2011)
  • Amber Waves (11/2012)

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