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Bill Mather (born 1944) is a British animator, graphic designer and sculptor.

He worked as a graphic designer before joining BBC Bristol design department in 1968 where he "discovered" animation and with producer Colin Thomas developed the series "Animated Conversations" whereby "natural-unscripted" dialogue was recorded (sometimes secretly) before adding the animated visuals. Over 4 years, Mather supplied "the Digger" animation for Vision On, the television series intended for deaf children and made animated opening title sequences for David Attenborough's various programmes and many other BBC Bristol productions. For two years he shared a studio in Bristol with Peter Lord and David Sproxton of Aardman Animations and later directed the "Archie the skeleton" commercials for Scotch Videotape and Tina Turner's "Limo-Land - Never in Your Wildest Dreams"; both multi-award winning films for Aardman.

In 1981, he joined The Moving Picture Company in London to assist Andrew Berend in setting up the first commercial Motion Control and C.G.I. system in Europe. In 1985, through Limelight films, he directed the Grammy award winning video for Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms". From 1987 for ten years with his own company, he directed live action and S.F.X. commercials worldwide. He left the film industry in 2004. His current work, as a Sculptor, can be seen at