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Bill Vass

William (Bill) John Vass is the Vice President of Engineering at Amazon Web Services.[1] Joining the Company on September 8, 2014, he brings a rich background in cyber-security, internet-of-things, robotics and Information Technology to his new role.

Before joining Amazon Web Services, Bill Vass was President and Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Robotics, a well-funded startup company that has developed an entirely new type of unmanned autonomous robotic marine vehicle with wide-ranging applications.[2] Drawing all of its energy from the environment, the Wave Glider platform attempts to revolutionize ocean monitoring, data collection and communications.[3] He is married to Shari Steele, the Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.,[4][5]

Prior to his current role at Liquid Robotics, he was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Microsystems Federal (a Sun Microsystems subsidiary focusing on business with government organizations). He held numerous positions during his more than 10 years at Sun, including Vice-President of Corporate Software Services, Chief Security Officer for Sun IT, and Chief Information Officer (CIO). His background has a significant military and government presence, including a stint as an oversight CIO working underneath the Department of Defense's overall CIO. Before that, he was the Chief Technical Officer and Technical Lead for the U.S. Army's personnel systems.

Vass is a proponent of corporate executives writing a blog, stating [6] in August 2005 that blogging "allows them to communicate in an unfiltered way." He is also supportive of [7] the open source and Linux communities, having utilized both throughout his career.

Vass's grandfather was Captain William H. John, the captain of the SS Contessa, a World War II hero from the Battle of Port Lyautey in November 1942. Vass was named after Captain John. The story of the battle and the role of Captain John is detailed in the book "Twelve Desperate Miles, the Epic WWII Voyage of the SS Contessa", by Tim Brady, 2012, Crown Publishing Group

His great grandfather was Matthew Fontaine Maury, often considered the father of oceanography.[by whom?]



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