Billings Memorial Library

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Billings Memorial Library
Billings Memorial Library
Billings Memorial Library, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont(1883-85)
General information
Address 48 University Place, Burlington, VT
Town or city Burlington
Country Vermont
Coordinates 44°28′46″N 73°11′57″W / 44.479315°N 73.199099°W / 44.479315; -73.199099
Completed 1883
Owner University of Vermont
Design and construction
Architect Henry Hobson Richardson

Built in 1883 on the campus of the University of Vermont by American architect Henry Hobson Richardson, the Billings Memorial Library was designed to resemble the Winn Library in Woburn, MA. A new library, the Guy W. Bailey Library, was built for the University of Vermont in 1961 due to lack of space at Billings Library.[1] The Billings Library was then converted to a student center in 1963.[2] After the building was determined have been outgrown for student center purposes, the Dudley H. Davis Center was built and completed in 2007 to serve as the universities new student center.[3] Currently, the building still houses the Cook Commons dining hall.[4]


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