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Billy Blue College of Design began as Billy Blue Creative in 1977, a magazine publishing colloquial Australian writing. As time passed, various companies used the studio that produced the magazine for their own needs and in 1980, a consultancy was formed which won multiple awards before it was shut in 2009. The group's work covered all aspects of visual communications including brand creation and implementation, corporate and marketing communications, multimedia and web-based projects, signage and exhibition graphics as well as advertising and publishing.

In 1987, Billy Blue Creative decided to open a tiny design school to train people who would eventually work in the studio. A crowd of about four was expected. Sixty-six people enrolled and there was a long waiting list.

The college is named for Billy Blue, a figure in Australian colonial history.[1]


The college offers Bachelor courses in Communication Design, Branded Environment, Digital Media Design, Commercial Interiors, Residential Interiors, and Branded Fashion.

It also offers various short courses, as well as a Certificate in Design Fundamentals.


Billy Blue College of Design has three campuses in Australia; Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


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