Billy Karren

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Billy Karren
Also known as Billy Boredom
Genres Punk
Occupations musician
Instruments Guitar, drums
Years active mid-80s-present
Labels Bikini Kill Records K Records
Kill Rock Stars Bikini Kill Records
Associated acts Bikini Kill
The Go Team
Comet Gain
The Frumpies
Ghost Mom
The Seagulls

William Francis "Billy" Karren is an American musician and feminist best known as the lead guitarist of the punk band Bikini Kill, and the leader of Olympia garage band The November Witch. He was also active in many other music projects in the Olympia music scene including: The Go Team, The Frumpies, Corrections, and Spray Painted Love.

He was not often interviewed. Of the very few Bikini Kill interviews, most of them included only the three other members of the band, Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox and Tobi Vail. Karren was asked about his private nature on a Kill Rock Stars email Q&A in 1999,[citation needed]

Frumpies Billy, you are the most rockin person out there. You are one of the best guitar players out there yet no one knows anything about you, you're so mysterious, will we ever know what's in the mind of William Karren? Why don't you ever sing? I have this feeling that everyone is scared of what you might cause if your voice is heard. So my question, "Who is Billy Karren?"

Billy: No one really knows "Billy". personally, I would say that "Billy" is a completely fictional character.

He also briefly discussed his musical influences in the same Q&A,

Sarah asks: Dear Frumpies, What is one record that is always on your turntable? Also, what are some of the new bands you are listening to?

Billy: Coltrane, Sinatra, Flipper - plus any old Motown singles.

Karren lives in L.A.

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