Billy Morris (guitarist)

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Billy Morris
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Associated acts Warrant, Quiet Riot, Paul Gilbert, Kidd Wicked, Billy Morris Band, St. James

Billy Morris is a guitarist who has played in several bands including Warrant, Quiet Riot, Kidd Wicked, Spoyld, Beast, The Glorious Things, and the Billy Morris Band.

He guested with the band St. James, and has also played with former Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert.

With Warrant, he played on the album Under the Influence, on which he sang lead vocals on the cover of AC/DC's "Down Payment Blues", as well as playing guitar on the whole album.

The bands The Glorious Things and St. James both also featured former Warrant singer Jaime St. James.

Billy Morris is currently playing guitar with a popular cover band, Cleveland's Breakfast Club in Cleveland, Ohio.

Billy Morris is currently (May 2013) playing a string of shows with TUFF featuring lead singer Stevie Rachelle and original bass player Todd Chase.


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