Billy Preston & Syreeta

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Billy Preston & Syreeta is a 1981 album of duets by Billy Preston and Syreeta released by Motown Records. Six songs were produced by Ollie Brown, and 4 songs were produced and co-written by Michael Masser. An expanded version of the album (with 7 bonus cuts) was released on CD in late 2013 on SoulMusic Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Someone Special
  2. Searchin'
  3. Just For You
  4. It's So Easy
  5. A Long And Lasting Love
  6. Love
  7. One More Try
  8. Hey You
  9. A New Way To Say I Love You
  10. What We Did For Love

CD bonus cuts[edit]

  1. With You I'm Born Again
  2. With You I'm Born Again (instrumental)
  3. Go For It
  4. Go For It (12" mix)
  5. It Will Come in Time
  6. One More Time for Love
  7. Please Stay