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Bin and similar can mean:


"bin" can mean:


  • /bin, a common Unix directory
  • bin(), a function in Python that converts an integer into a binary number
  • .bin, a filename extension for binary files
  • .bin, a CD disk image file format



Science and mathematics[edit]

  • In mathematics, the histogram of a discrete variable that can acquire m different values is called an "m-bin histogram"
  • In statistics, each of a series of ranges of numerical value into which data are sorted in statistical analysis [1] (see Data binning)
  • Bin (computational geometry), space partitioning data structure to enable fast region queries and nearest neighbor search
  • Binoculars, short form Bins, two identical or mirror-symmetrical telescopes mounted side-by-side

Other uses[edit]

  • In video editing, a bin is a location, real or virtual, for storing media to be used in a production
  • Sin bin or sin-bin, an informal name for a penalty box
  • In Arabic personal names, "son of", e.g. in "Hamad bin Khalid bin Hamad"; variation of ibn

"BIN" can mean:


"Bins" can mean:

  • the plural of bin
  • an abbreviation for binoculars

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