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Binder may refer to:

  • Binder (material), an adhesive used in gemology, sculpture, oil paint creation (art or art material production), construction, industrial or other materials
  • A bookbinder
  • A ring binder, a device to hold together multiple sheets of paper with punched-in holes
  • Binder clip, a simple small device for holding together sheets of paper
  • Reaper-binder, a type of farm equipment or implement, also known as a Grain Binder (NA) or Corn Binder (UK)
  • Binder, common name given to the autos and trucks made by International Harvester Company before 1980. The name was due to the close association with farmers and farm equipment (often the trucks were used with IHC reaper-binders)
  • Microsoft Binder, a discontinued Microsoft Office application
  • Binder (computer science), any construct that binds a variable to a value (or type, etc.)
  • OpenBinder - an IPC used in Android
  • In law, a binder (also known as an agreement for sale, earnest money contract, memorandum of sale, contract to sell) is a short-form preliminary contract in which the purchaser agrees to buy and the seller agrees to sell certain real estate under stated terms and conditions, usually in the form of a purchase offer, and is enforceable in a court of law and used to secure a real estate transaction until a more formal, fully negotiated contract of sale can be signed. See offer and acceptance.
  • Phosphate binders
  • Binder (Dungeons & Dragons), a base class in the game
  • Binder Twine Festival
  • A rubber band is sometimes called a rubber binder or just a binder
  • A file binder, software that binds files into one executable
  • BDO International's acronym stands for Binder Dijker Otte & Co.
  • Breast binding, the material used to minimize the appearance of female breasts, is often called a binder
  • Binder, Khentii, is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia
  • an abandoned village in Germany, at the site of Hunnesrück
  • Binder Motorenbau GmbH, German manufacturer of gliders

Binder as surname: See Binder (surname)

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