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Bing Desktop
Bing logo (2013).svg
The screenshot of Bing Desktop 1.3.340.0.
Developer(s) Microsoft
Stable release 1.3.472.0 / June 9, 2014; 7 months ago (2014-06-09)[1]
Operating system Windows XP and higher
Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher
License Freeware

Bing Desktop is a program developed by Microsoft which allows users to search Bing from the desktop, and to set their desktop background to the Bing homepage image.


Bing Desktop allows users to initiate a web search from the desktop, view news headlines, automatically set their background to the Bing homepage image, or choose a background from the previous nine background images.[2]


A beta version of Bing Desktop was released on 4 April 2012.[3] The initial release followed shortly on 24 April 2012, supporting Windows 7 only.[4] With the release of version 1.1 in December 2012 it supports Windows XP and higher.[5]

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