Binga Dam

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Binga Hydroelectric Plant
Binga Dam, Benguet (519754205).jpg
The reservoir as viewed from the mountains
Binga Dam is located in Philippines
Binga Dam
Location in the island of Luzon
Official name Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant[1]
Location Brgy. Binga, Itogon, Benguet
Coordinates 16°24′00″N 120°43′30″E / 16.40000°N 120.72500°E / 16.40000; 120.72500Coordinates: 16°24′00″N 120°43′30″E / 16.40000°N 120.72500°E / 16.40000; 120.72500
Construction began August 1956[2]
Opening date May 1960[2]
Construction cost $ 18.50 Million (at current price)
Owner(s) National Power Corporation[2]
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Storage, Earth and Rock fill
Impounds Agno River
Height 107.37 m
Length 215 m
Spillway type Tainter radial Gates, motor driven Hoist, Chain lift Type
Total capacity 87.44 million cubic meters
Max. water depth 193 meters
Power station
Turbines 4 units Vertical shaft, Francis turbine
Installed capacity 100 MW
Annual generation 516,000,000 kWh

Binga Dam is a dam in Agno River connected to a hydroelectric power plant situated at Barrio Binga, Barangay Tinongdan in the municipality of Itogon in Benguet province of the Philippines.

The plant was constructed in August 1956 and was opened in May 1960, three years after Ambuklao Dam was opened. It is located 31 km southeast of Baguio City and 19 km downstream of Ambuklao Dam.[2][3] Improvement of the dam is ongoing for it had received heavy damage during the 1990 Luzon earthquake, and its installed capacity of 100 MW is being upgraded to 120 MW.[4]


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