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Bingerville is located in Ivory Coast
Location in Côte d'Ivoire
Coordinates: 5°21′N 3°54′W / 5.350°N 3.900°W / 5.350; -3.900Coordinates: 5°21′N 3°54′W / 5.350°N 3.900°W / 5.350; -3.900[1]
Country Côte d'Ivoire
Region Lagunes
Department Abidjan Department
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Bingerville is a city in south eastern Côte d'Ivoire, lying on the Ébrié Lagoon. Originally a market town, it grew as the capital of the then colony from 1909 until 1934. It is named after Louis-Gustave Binger, a former French colonial governor. 2005 estimates place the town's population at 83,105.

Many colonial buildings survive in the town, which is also known for its botanical gardens.

Bingerville is home to the Military Academy known as EMPT (École militaire préparatoire technique).

Famous people from Bingerville[edit]

Wilfried Bony, football player.


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