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Bingo or B-I-N-G-O may refer to:

Arts, media, and entertainment[edit]


  • Bingo, a game using a printed ticket of numbers
    • Bingo (Commonwealth), a game using a printed ticket of 15 numbers on three lines; most commonly played in the UK
    • Bingo (U.S.), a game using a printed ticket of randomly generated 5x5 grid of numbers; most commonly played in the USA and Canada
    • Online bingo, the US or UK version and its variants as played on the Internet
  • Bingo (Scrabble), a slang term used in the game Scrabble in North America for playing all seven of one's tiles
  • Bing Bing! Bingo (1993), a Super Famicom videogame
  • Bingo (card game), a card game named by analogy to the game Bingo
  • Video bingo, a slot machine style electronic bingo game

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Bingo, a character on the 1968–1970 television series The Banana Splits
  • Bingo Brown, the preteen protagonist of four novels by Betsy Byars
  • Bingo Little, a character in a number of books by comic author P. G. Wodehouse
  • Woodrow "Bingo" Wilkin from Archie comics, known as That Wilkin Boy

Film, TV and stage[edit]








Other uses[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Buzzword bingo also known as bullshit bingo, is a bingo-style game wherein participants prepare bingo cards with buzzwords and tick them off when they are uttered during an event, such as a meeting or speech
  • Keno, a bingo-like gambling game
  • slots, a bingo-like gambling game