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Hamburg Binnenalster.jpg
Location Hamburg
Coordinates 53°33′18″N 9°59′42″E / 53.55500°N 9.99500°E / 53.55500; 9.99500Coordinates: 53°33′18″N 9°59′42″E / 53.55500°N 9.99500°E / 53.55500; 9.99500
Type artificial lake
Primary inflows Alster
Primary outflows Elbe
Basin countries Germany
Surface area 0.2 km²
Max. depth appr. 2 m
Hamburg at night

Binnenalster or Inner Alster Lake is one of two artificial lakes within the city limits of Hamburg, Germany, which are formed by the river Alster (the other being the Außenalster). The main annual festival is the Alstervergnügen.

The lake has an area of 0.2 square kilometres (2,200,000 sq ft).[1]


The phrase "inner" refers to the old city walls of Hamburg. The Binnenalster was the part of the lake that was "inside" the city walls. The lake was originally created to serve as a reservoir for a mill. As of 2008 the old city walls do not exist, instead two car and train bridges, the Lombardbrücke and the Kennedybrücke, span the river.


The Alstervergnügen (English: Alster enjoyment) is an annual street fair held around the lake. It always takes place throughout the first weekend of September, and offers a wide variety of food, drink, vending and games stands, as well as some rock bands.


  1. ^ Source: statistical office of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein (2006)


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