Harbin–Suifenhe Railway

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Freight train carrying coal on the Harbin–Suifenhe Railway near the Yuquan Station in Harbin.

Harbin–Suifenhe Railway or Binsui Railway (simplified Chinese: 滨绥铁路; traditional Chinese: 濱綏鐵路; pinyin: bīnsuí tiělù), is a double-track electrified arterial railroad in Northeast China between Harbin and Suifenhe on the Russian border. The line was originally built by Russia as the eastern branch of the Chinese Eastern Railway. Today, the 548 km (341 mi)

Line Description[edit]

The Binsui Railway connect Harbin to Suifenhe, In Suifenhe, border crossing line to Russia connect Pogranichny, Primorsky Krai.


The Harbin-Manzhouli Railway was built as the eastern branch of the Chinese Eastern Railway (ECR).

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