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Bintan Resorts is the name for a resort enclave occupying the northern area of the Indonesian island of Bintan. It consists of nine resorts, plus a small serviced apartment development.

Although the area is within Indonesian territory, the island is marketed at residents from nearby Singapore, for whom Bintan is a short ferry trip away. As a result, hotels and shops are priced not in Indonesian rupiah but in Singapore dollars. The development received 410,454 visitors in 2009, of which the largest proportion, almost 30% were Singaporean.[1]

The area is generally a short-stay destination, with 90% of visitors staying less than seven days.[2]


Bintan Resorts has its own ferry terminal, serving only Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. [3]

Bintan Resorts is separated from the rest of Bintan by a barbed wire fence, and land access to the rest of the land is via a single security checkpoint.[4]

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