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ImmuneHealth (former BioVallée) is a flexible structure able to design, set-up, recruit, conduct epidemiology studies and provide immunomonitoring readouts.

This company has access to Human Biological Samples of various types (blood, urine, saliva, biopsies...), and supply generic (biobank retrospective approach) or custom ones on demand (prospective approach).

ImmuneHealth is able to provide QC methods with development from scratch, testing, qualification, validation, technical transfer, consulting and training activities through ELISA, ELISpot, Multiplex, rt(q)PCR, sequencing, pyrosequencing, FACS, ICS, microneutralization, binding assays, CAPS... ImmuneHealth's laboratories are ISO, GCLP compliant and GMP certified since 2013.

ImmuneHealth is a Centre Agréé de Recherche and consequently a non-lucrative entity bridging the gap between R&D fundamental and clinical research, and translates basic immunology into medicine. Our versatile structure is able to provide proof of concept for new products and to discover and validate immunobiomarker panels. ImmuneHealth is currently engages into several European and regional projects (FEDER, FP6, FP7...) developing its own portfolio with a related network in the diagnostic and theranostic field.

To be counted among partners, GSK Vaccines, Biocygnus, Pevion, Genticel, Neovacs, Cardio3, MaSTherCell...

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