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Biography Work based on Anthroposophy views the human circle of life on one hand as being embedded in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos on the other hand shaped by the individual power of creativity in everyone’s Self.


Biography Work goes back to the publications of Bernard Lievegoed in the 1970s. Before this time, there were only widespread references in Rudolf Steiner’s comprehensive lecture work, pointing at certain regularities in human’s circle of life. Lievegoed summarized these data and introduced a new way of life-consultation to the world, using a work process he had developed in co-operation with Gudrun Burkhard.


Biography-Consultants support their clients in developing a continuous view of the past in order to achieve a new evaluation of past events in their life. Any single event loses its weight and the process-like character of all events and their interaction become more important. Biography Work assumes that any human being is obliged to comply with tasks in life. These life tasks, stemming from our subconscious levels. are the driving force to our behaviour. Biography Work helps to get closer to this central theme – the “red thread” - that runs through each life. Biography Work is not supposed to be a therapy. Biography Work is a way of life-consultation where consultant and client work together “on eye-level”.


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