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Biopeople - Denmark's Innovation Network for Health and Life Science is a publicly funded partnership and National Center established, authorised, and co-funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Innovation and Higher Education ([Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education) to improve innovation, collaboration and education within the National Danish Innovation System.[1] Biopeople is established as a Center at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

Biopeople - Innovation Across Disciplines - help academia and industry to co-create and develop ideas into new projects, products and services to benefit global health and welfare. Biopeople embraces and clusters universities, research organisations, and hospitals, the Danish Medicines Agency, industry associations as well as pharma, medtech, medical device, food and biotech companies. The aim is to stimulate innovation through activities that bring researchers and stakeholders together across disciplines, sectors and public-private boundaries. Innovation Networks in Denmark have a particular high performance in promoting innovation and growth.[2][3] Biopeople is a collaboration partner of several institution[4][5][6] and holds membership to international organisations such as European Business Network (EBN)[7] and the Biotechnology Industry Organization.[8] Biopeople is Denmark's Official Liaison Office to the ScanBalt Science Region.[9][10][11]

The Working Parties of Biopeople are:


Biopeople embeds all relevant Danish stakeholders. Biopeople is a Center at University of Copenhagen. Member Companies affiliate by in-kind means by participating in innovation activities and projects. Companies include major large companies - fx Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, LEO Pharma, Danisco, Novozymes, and Chr. Hansen - and many Small and Medium Enterprises.


The founding partners are:

Hospitals in Denmark[edit]

  • Amager Hospital on the island of Amager, Copenhagen
  • Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen
  • Bornholms Hospital on the island of Bornholm
  • Frederiksberg Hospital in Frederiksberg
  • Gentofte Hospital in Gentofte
  • Glostrup Hospital in Glostrup
  • Herlev Hospital in Herlev
  • Hvidovre Hospital in Hvidovre
  • Nordsjællands Hospital in Esbønderup, Frederikssund, Hillerød, Elsinore, and Hørsholm
  • Region Hovedstadens Psykiatripsychiatric hospital with many centers around the region
  • Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen
  • Sct. Hans Hospital in Roskilde
  • Assens Sundhedscenter in Assens
  • Augustenborg Sygehus in Augustenborg
  • Bogense Sygehus in Bogense
  • Bornholms Hospital in Rønne
  • Brovst Sygehus in Brovst
  • Brædstrup Regionshospitalet in Brædstrup
  • Brønderslev Sygehus in Brønderslev
  • Brørup Sygehus in Brørup
  • Diakonissestiftelsens Hospice in Frederiksberg
  • Dronninglund Sygehus in Dronninglund
  • Esbønderup Sygehus in Græsted
  • Fakse Sygehus in Fakse
  • Farsø Sygehus in Farsø
  • Fredericia & Kolding Sygehuse in Kolding
  • Fredericia Sygehus in Fredericia
  • Frederikssund Sygehus in Frederikssund
  • Fåborg Sygehus in Fåborg
  • Give Sygehus in Give
  • Grenaa Regionshospitalet in Grenaa
  • Grindsted Sygehus in Grindsted
  • Haderslev Sygehus in Haderslev
  • Haslev Sygehus in Haslev
  • Helsingør Sygehus in Helsingør
  • Herning Centralsygehus in Herning
  • Hillerød Hospital in Hillerød
  • Hjørring Sygehus in Hjørring
  • Hobro Sygehus in Hobro
  • Holbæk Centralsygehus in Holbæk
  • Holstebro Sygehus in Holstebro
  • Horsens Regionshospitalet in Horsens
  • Hørsholm Sygehus in Hørsholm
  • Kalundborg Sygehus in Kalundborg
  • Kirurgisk Center Ørestaden in Herlev
  • Kjellerup Sygehus in Kjellerup
  • Kollund Rygklinik in Kruså
  • Korsør Sygehus in Korsør
  • Køge Amtssygehus in Køge
  • Lemvig Sygehus in Lemvig
  • Lukas Øjenhospital in Hellerup
  • Maribo Sygehus in Maribo
  • Marselisborg Hospital in Århus
  • Middelfart Sygehus in Middelfart
  • Nakskov Sygehus in Nakskov
  • Nyborg Sygehus in Nyborg
  • Nykøbing Falster Sygehus in Nykøbing F
  • Nykøbing Mors Sygehus in Nykøbing M
  • Nykøbing Sjælland Amtssygehus in Nykøbing Sjælland
  • Næstved Centralsygehus in Næstved
  • Odder Centralsygehus in Odder
  • Odense Universitetshospital in Odense C
  • Ortopædisk Hospital Aarhus A/S in Århus C
  • Psykiatrisk Hospital Århus in Risskov
  • Randers Centralsygehus in Randers
  • Ribe Sygehus in Ribe
  • Ringe Sygehus in Ringe
  • Ringkøbing Sygehus in Ringkøbing
  • Ringsted Sygehus in Ringsted
  • Roskilde Sygehus in Roskilde
  • Rudkøbing Sygehus in Rudkøbing
  • Samsø Sygehus in Samsø
  • Sclerosecenter Ry in Ry
  • Sclerosehospitalet i Haslev in Haslev
  • Sct Maria Hospice Center in Vejle
  • Sct. Hans Hospital in Roskilde
  • Sct. Josephs Hospital in Esbjerg
  • Silkeborg Centralsygehus in Silkeborg
  • Skagen Sygehus in Skagen
  • Skanderborg Sundhedscenter in Skanderborg
  • Skejby Sygehus in Århus
  • Skive Sygehus in Skive
  • Slagelse Centralsygehus in Slagelse
  • Stege Amtssygehus in Stege
  • Storstrømmens sygehus Fakse in Fakse
  • Storstrømmens sygehus in Nykøbing Falster
  • Svendborg Sygehus in Svendborg
  • Sæby Sygehus in Høng
  • Sønderborg Sygehus in Sønderborg
  • Tarm Sygehus in Tarm
  • Terndrup Sygehus in Terndrup
  • Thisted Sygehus in Thisted
  • Tønder Sygehus in Tønder
  • Varde Sygehus in Varde
  • Vejle Sygehus in Vejle
  • Vendsyssel Frederikshavn Sygehus in Frederikshavn
  • Viborg Sygehus in Viborg
  • Vordingborg Sundhedscenter in Vordingborg
  • Ærøskøbing Sygehus in Ærøskøbing
  • Aabenraa Sygehus in Aabenraa
  • Aalborg Sygehus in Aalborg
  • Aalborg Sygehus NORD in Aalborg
  • Århus Kommunehospital in Århus
  • Århus Sygehus in Århus

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