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Bios or BIOS may refer to:

  • BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), an assortment of low-level system software to abstract and interface the hardware, often located in a computer's firmware

In computing[edit]

  • BIOS (CP/M), the BIOS in the CP/M family of operating systems
    • XIOS, Extended Input/Output System
  • BIOS (DOS), the BIOS in the DOS family of operating systems
  • BIOS (PC), the BIOS in IBM compatible personal computers in general
    • System BIOS, System Basic Input/Output System
    • PC BIOS, the BIOS in IBM PCs specifically, or in PC compatibles in general
    • XT BIOS, the BIOS in the IBM PC/XT family specifically
    • AT BIOS, the BIOS in the IBM PC/AT family specifically
    • PS/2 BIOS, the BIOS in the IBM PS/2 family specifically
      • ABIOS, PS/2 Advanced Basic Input/Output System
      • CBIOS, PS/2 Compatibility Basic Input/Output System
  • ROM BIOS, a BIOS residing in ROM
  • NetBIOS, a network BIOS software component


Media and entertainment[edit]

  • Bios (album), the third album by Costa Rican music group Gandhi
  • BIOS Faction, in the Allegiance video game
  • BIOS, the society journal of the Tri Beta society


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