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Birchbox is a New York City-based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five carefully selected samples of makeup, or other beauty related products on a monthly basis. These products include skincare items, perfumes, organic based products and various other high-end cosmetics.[1]


Birchbox was established in September 2010 [2] by two young women, Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna, both graduates of Harvard Business School.[3] In October 2010, Birchbox's initial funding began with $1.4 million in seed funding from investors including First Round and Accel Partners.[3] In August 2011, Birchbox received $10.5 million in Series A Funding.[4] Birchbox is a rapidly growing company with approximately 45,000 members and 25 employees as of June 2011. It is expected to bring in $7 million in revenue between subscriptions and product sales for the year of 2011.[3] In April of 2014, Birchbox raised $60 million in Series B funding, led by Viking Global Investors, and saw participation from First Round Capital, Accel Partners, Aspect Partners, and Consigliere Brand Capital. The company is currently valued at $485 million. [5][6]


Birchbox, since its establishment, attracted 22,000 subscribers by April 2011. Birchbox's incentive is that the consumer will choose to purchase the full-sized product of whatever sample they've grown to like from the Birchbox website afterward.[7]

After subscribing to the Birchbox service, the customer takes a survey called a "beauty profile" that serves to customize the future selections featured in Birchboxes to better suit their preferences.[8]


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