Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute

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Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute
Birchmount Park CI Logo.png
Veritas Omnia Vincit
Truth Conquers All
Birchmount Park CI.JPG
3663 Danforth Avenue
Birch Cliff, Scarborough, Ontario, M1N 2G2, Canada
Coordinates 43°41′52″N 79°15′35″W / 43.69778°N 79.25972°W / 43.69778; -79.25972Coordinates: 43°41′52″N 79°15′35″W / 43.69778°N 79.25972°W / 43.69778; -79.25972
School number 4118 / 895016
School board Toronto District School Board
(Scarborough Board of Education)
School district South-east
Religious affiliation none
Superintendent Stacey Michener
Area trustee Elizabeth Moyer
Principal Robert Milne
Vice Principals Ruth Burden
Mark Varvas
Administrator Ronda Sinclair
Chief custodian W. Heibert (chief)
School type Public high school
Grades 9-12
Language English
Campus Suburban
Team name Birchmount Park Panthers
Colours Blue, Gold, Black and White                 
Founded 1964
Enrollment 1037 (2013-14)
Homepage Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute

Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute (Birchmount Park CI, BPCI, or Birchmount Park) is a high school located in Scarborough, a part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It operates under the Scarborough Board of Education with the latter board merged into the present Toronto District School Board. The school sits atop the Scarborough Bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario and Birchmount Park itself.


To provide additional crowds in the southern Scarborough community, Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute was constructed in May 1963 and accepted by the Scarborough Board of Education in July 1964. The school, as the tenth collegiate, opened its doors on September 8, 1964 and since undergone a revitalization program as the Library and the Technical shops have been refurbished and modernized. At the same time, the school expanded its computer and display capabilities to increase the ease with which computer technology is integrated into all programs. The combined effect is to enhance literacy development within the school and increase differentiated learning opportunities for students.

Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute's Adult Re-Entry program for the Scarborough Board of Education was established in November 1977 with one teacher and fifteen students that evolved into Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies in September 1986 opened at Tabor Park Vocational School on Midland Avenue.

The school became a movie feature of the 1986 film Youngblood and the 2003 film, How to Deal.[citation needed] As well as the 2004 film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.



Birchmount Park Collegiate is located in a 9.057 acre site. The structure is combined with load-bearing walls and steel-frame construction as well as window area reduced to save costs (although the design bear resemblance to Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts).

The 181,114 square foot campus has 22 classrooms, lecture room, music room, drama room, six science labs, art room, home economics room, a library, three gymnasia (that can be partitioned into smaller gyms), a weight room, 1045-seated auditorium built in a style of a theatre, cafeteria with kitchen, administrative and guidance offices, and technical shops for automotive, carpentry and metal. Attached to Birchmount Park is Birchmount Stadium with the 400m race track and sports field with artificial turf.


The school is renowned in Scarborough for BEAP (Birchmount Exceptional Athlete Program) which began in September 1989 and continues to draw superior athletes to the school.

In the mid eighties the school was a leader in athletics. However, in the 1990s teams and individuals dropped off and performed adequately as the BEAP program began to "find itself". By 2002 the school was once again atop the leader boards in athletics. With the BEAP, Variety Village, Birchmount Stadium, and Phoenix Athletic Association at its disposal, they have once again returned to a powerhouse in Track & Field since 2005.

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