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Birchwood Co-op
Birchwood Avenue
Ss Luke & Martin church, Birchwood

Birchwood is a housing estate in the south of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.


The estate has a number of schools, including St Hughes Catholic Primary School [1] and Leslie Manser Primary School [2] which is named after Leslie Manser. This school has a small museum dedicated to finds found on the site when it was excavated, including the wing of a Spitfire. There is also Birchwood Junior School [3] along with a special needs school called Fortuna. There are also several nursery and pre-junior schools.

The Birchwood shopping centre, located in the middle of the estate was refurbished by the Lincolnshire Co-operative, who own the centre, in 2011.[4] It houses a variety of amenities, as well as further residential space and a children's centre.[5] Birchwood has takeaways, pubs and attractions and its own police station,[6] and Veterinary practice.[7] Main roads in the area are Skellingthorpe Road, Birchwood Avenue, Woodfield Avenue, Fulmar Road and Pershore Way. The coast is 40 miles away.

Birchwood is served by city bus routes 44 & 66.[8]


It is the home of Hartsholme Country Park, which has a caravan park in the centre of the woods.

The ecclesiastical parish is Lincoln Birchwood St Luke, of the Deanery of Christianity.[9] The church of St Luke and St Martin in Jasmin Road was designed in 1976 by Robert Read of Grantham. The church is fully accessible for wheelchair users.[10]

Birchwood falls within the Catholic Parish of St Peter & St Paul, based on their church in nearby Skellingthorpe road, Lincoln. The parish oversees the St Hugh's primary school.[11] The Methodist church also meets in Birchwood.[12]

A community centre on Woodfield Avenue called The Boiler House provides for a range of groups and activities.[13] The centre maintains a facebook page.

Crime in Birchwood is described as high, the area coming 8th of 12 in Lincoln.[14]


Birchwood used to hold an old airfield from World War Two, RAF Skellingthorpe, which hosted No. 50 Squadron and No. 61 Squadron, both of which were bomber squadrons, equipped with such planes as the Avro Lancaster. The site is now occupied by Birchwood Leisure Centre, which now holds a memorial for the squadrons and the station.

Coordinates: 53°12′50″N 00°36′00″W / 53.21389°N 0.60000°W / 53.21389; -0.60000


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