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Birger Braadland (26 January 1879 – 15 January 1966) was a Norwegian politician for the Agrarian Party. He started his career as a professional officer, but retired from the army in 1919 to become a forester.[1] He was Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Kolstad cabinet of 1931-1932 and the Hundseid cabinet of 1932-1933.[2] Towards the end of the Kolstad cabinet, he was briefly also acting prime minister in 1932.[3] Though his tenure was brief, he was forced to deal with a dispute with Denmark over Greenland. He was also a marked opponent of fellow cabinet member Vidkun Quisling.[1]

After the fall of the government, Braadland became a member of the Norwegian parliament. He sat for Østfold from 1934 to 1936, and as deputy representative from 1937 to 1945.[4] He also served on the Norwegian Nobel Committee from 1938 to 1948.[1] His son Erik Braadland later became a member of Parliament.[4]


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