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AdelaideSouth Australia
Postcode(s) 5015
LGA(s) City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Birkenhead is a north-western suburb of Adelaide 14 km from the CBD, on the Lefevre Peninsula, in the state of South Australia, Australia, and falls under the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. It is adjacent to Peterhead, Exeter and Glanville. It is bounded to the south by the Gawler Reach of the Port River, to the north by Hargrave Street and in the west and east by the Outer Harbor railway line and the Port River respectively.

It was laid out on section 700, Hundred of Port Adelaide by Thomas Elder and John Hart. Birkenhead Post Office opened around 1884.[1]

Birkenhead is essentially a residential suburb, with a minor harbourside presence on the southern and eastern shores of the suburb. It is notable for the Birkenhead Bridge, which opens on a regular basis so that boats can pass through the Port River. It is also the site of a third Port River crossing, the Port River Expressway. It included an opening bridge which is designed to ease traffic congestion in the area and opened in August 2008.


The suburb is served by a primary school, Lefevre Peninsula Primary School, and the local high school is Lefevre High School, in nearby Semaphore South. There is little commercial activity in the area, as this is plentiful south of the river in Port Adelaide.

The eastern side of the suburb, by the Port riverside is the location of the Adelaide Brighton Cement company, and a berth for the Shell Oil Company. Its southern shore is the location of a naval yard, the Bureau of Customs, the Fletcher Dock and the DMH Dockyard.


The 150 bus services Semaphore and Fletcher Roads, while the 352 and 353 serves Semaphore and Fletcher Roads and Hargrave Street. The 333 and the N254 After Midnight Bus serve Semaphore Road. The suburb also is serviced by a train station on the Outer Harbor railway line, the Peterhead railway station, which is actually not in Peterhead.

Famous residents[edit]

A number of Port Adelaide Football Club players were born or have lived in Birkenhead, including dual Magarey Medalist Bob Quinn.


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Coordinates: 34°50′S 138°29′E / 34.833°S 138.483°E / -34.833; 138.483