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Jat Clan
Location Punjab (India / Pakistan)
Descended from Raja Jagdeo
Language Punjabi
Religion Sikhism / Islam
Surnames Birring, Barring, Biring, Benning, Binning, Warring

Birring, is a clan of Jats found in Punjab of India. Birring is also spelled as Billing, Benning, Wirring, Barring, Berring, Warring, Binning, Bening or Birringh by different lineages of this clan.


Birring Jats are traditionally thought to be descendants of Raja Jagdeo, the Parmar Raja of Jarg. Folklore suggests he left his native kingdom Jarg to settle in Punjab.[1] Birring, Deol/Dleu, Tiwana, Aulakh, Parmar/Panwar Jats are all clans which stem from the sons of Raja Jagdeo.[2] Recent historical research shows that the family name Warring may outdate Raja Jagdeo and may have been prevalent in the north west Indian subcontinent during the 2nd century rule of King Kanishka of the Kushan dynasty. Based on this data, few people conclude that the Warrings could be the predecessors of the Parmara Rajputs and Raja Jagdeo.[3]


Birring people are scattered all over Punjab. Most of the Birring Jats are found around Dhuri. Around Dhuri, there are five to six villages of this clan such as Burj, Kheri Jatan, Dhadogal, Isrha where people spell their surname as Billing. Seh village near Khanna in Ludhiana district was founded by Baba Bhakari of Billing sub-caste. The most prominent abode of Birring people is a village by the same name in Jalandhar district. A substantial people from this village have immigrated to England. Other prominent villages of this clan are Bhaini Birring in Ludhiana district, Macchhrai Khurd, Mudki, Raikot, In Sangrur district; Salar & Narike. They also dwell in villages Kanjhli and Dhamo Majra in the district of Sangrur. Some Birring houses are also found in villages of Kaonke Kalan and Mahnpur in the district of Ludhiana, Rurki Uchhi and Khojra-Khojri near Sirhind and Chakk Mafi near Khanna and also in Niamian near Kharar . Birring Jats are also settled in a few villages like Turkheri in Patiala district, Moujpur in Mohali district. There is a village by the name of Warringan near Sri Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan and another one named Warring in Faridkot distt. There are also about 5 villages of Binning sub-caste located near Phagwara namely Khera, Banoki, Chachoki, Thakkerki and Nangal. Birrings are also found in Khanaura and Barring (Binga village near Jalandhar). Village Sappanwali and the Gujjar in district Ferozepur completely belongs to Warrings. Billing gotra Jats are also found in Maharashtra.[4] There is also a Billing gotra village in Jalkheri (Kurukshetra, Haryana, India).


Families of the Birring lineage are almost exclusively Jat Sikhs or Jat Muslim. All the Warring families living in the Punjab region of India today practice Sikhism, Whilst Warring families in Pakistan practice Islam. The India-Pakistan partition of 1947 has split the Sikh and Muslim members of the clan between two nations.


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